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Sorry if I'm asking the obvious, but my usual way to do @amandawest so folks can see I have mentioned them, doesn't work.

What am I doing wrong please ?

Thanks in advance Smile

Amanda, you have to put brackets around the name...
This one at the start of the name [
And this one at the end of the name ]

I think it's most likely because you can have spaces in your username on 50/90, but you can't in FAWM.

Ohh thank you Pete Smile



@PeteMurphy (PeteMurphy)

AHA its [ then @ then the name then ] !!

Thank you !!

@Amanda West I think that's right?

Ok. I was wondering that with Amanda Smile Thanks.

Strange, I've tried and it didn't work. I was doing this:
[ @ metalfoot ]

@musicsongwriter - Try it without the spaces.

Thank you @1B King, it worked!

@Amanda West I need to be reminded every summer!

@darcistrutt Iforgot as well.

Test: thank you @Amanda West I also forgot how to do that.

so this is the practice thread [@brrrse]

At least, this time, there'll be no confusion with [@brrrse]ttles.

Right? I'm quite happy about that myself.

Nice to see you here for the party, [@brrrse]... though I might call you "Briar Rose"...(That's how I mentally insert the vowels)

Thank you, dear, as that is what it is meant to be Wink

Wasn;t working on my soundboard is working here
Works here not on my soundboard

Due to a bug they had to disable it on the soundboard because tagging someone on their own soundboard would then cause their account to be disabled until an admin could come back and reset it!

Ah thank you, I think i did that accidentally last year to someone, so I guess I'm the problem.

I think we have all done it to someone before!