Life Story - building a sustained following?

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How do we actually build a "Following" of any kind... are they different? Not connected to all "this" here that we are doing now?

I wonder if the work of not just doing the industry standard practice of offering a hit'n run, look at my latest release post would benefit from getting to know people, authentically, over time; is that connected to "folks like/not like, listen to your music"? -- An authentic, sustainable "following"?

What if Taylor Swift became "Unliked"? Hmmm... well, she'd have to just make it on the $300M she already has I guess Smile But, she'd have a task on her hands to consider otherwise. Talent, "looks" matter indeed, but there are lots of talented, beautiful folks in the world. Lots of talented non-beautiful folks too, -- doing VERY well, and are well "liked" for a reason; personal, authentic, real connections.



So what? Well, I see allot of complaining? You?

Yes, I see "allot" of "complaining" but not as "communicating" -- two very different elements. I think the self-definitions of what that is, is a result, not a root-cause.

-- Modern relationships at best/worst today are, - negotiate tolerance, in the real world Smile

Folks can connect the dots to "that", or just go with it non-specifically, and see the conversations that may develop, or not, -- one never knows Smile

I am a firm believer in life is "simple" and usually free, (of what's got real value, --ironic).

-- So, rather than "complaining", or taking up an indefensible position/argument, -- c o m m u n i c a t e -- instead; and then, see what happens?, authentically, not defensibly, or as contrarian.

So, for referential support here too, --- way back in the '70's - '80's, even, --- this topic reminds me of that (history repeats with every generation?) for some reason, there were "communication programs", how to, and were very interesting in the results and used within my Public School System -- I hesitate to "label" anything since seems is the death of anything in the age of identity issues negotiations, true/not true irrelevant; and actually functionally irrelevant since a *made up issue, *remains an issue *nonetheless.


Action Item, and see what happens by September 2019, January, February 2020? to YOUR "FOLLOWING" of your music?!?:

Write, as long as you like, here, a true story (many if you like), -- about yourself that may explain why/who/what you are today, perceived, thought to be perceived, proud of it/not and etc. Not necessarily an explanation, just the "Story". The story will explain itself, no? If we know you it would. Let's get to know you? Your music? What it means? Follow you?


Well, so for example, many can "easily"? see "justice" is important to me, (?) -- conversations, songs, et alia. No? Yes?

But, justice is a complex definition. We have a global ~4000 year history of what it is/is not, Roman Law, English Common, Precedent, other.



So, I can start off with one of which I have many, and all of my songs are based upon "real life" stuff, so, here goes:

-- Anyone ever hear of "Floyd Paterson"? He was a Boxer.

He's a fellow I met in my earlier days and quite by accident, -- a friend needed a ride to "New Paltz" a city in NY State, "up State" (?).

So, I meet this guy and he's quite friendly to me. Actually his place, he turned into a "boxing" training camp. Interesting to me, *any kid could show up, and if there was room in his Bunk House for you, -- you could stay, but had to "Train", -- boxing, (not an easy commitment).

Floyd was "Black" and all of his "kids" were not. Smile I say that now because Identity Politics is a reality, right/wrong, it's here "now". But, back then? I don't know... I guess it was if you wanted it to be?

So, right away as Floyd did, -- he took an interest to me and noticed I didn't say much (ironic, aye?). He wanted me to "Box" him in the ring. I guess most folks would have jumped at the chance. But me, -- I've never been impressed or attracted or cared about "famous" people. So he worked on the Heavy Bag and kept poking at me and I finally "did a move" Smile and Floyd was like, "what was that".

-- "That's" why I won't get in the ring with you, -- I don't know how to separate "play fighting from real" (then anyway). I'm afraid I'd "kill" you and then you'd be like really pissed at me and then beat the sheit out of me, then, and then it'd get really messy. Me, to Floyd Paterson Smile (funny aye!?) ... show's where I was "from", for *real.

So, Floyd took a swing and connected with my head, -- he hit H A R D... indeed.

I stood there and looked at him.

He looked at me, right in the eyes, -- and said, "huh". OK! I get it.
(You get that, or not, sorry no explanations in this story.)

We became friends.

And was invited to stay, come back and forth, "Train". (Believe me, not a picnic and required if you stayed there.) He functioned on great American Principles, -- trust, respect, and mind your own business, love, passion, don't steal someone else's joy, etc., -- my impressions of him.) A great human being as I define great ones.

Actually today, he's one of very few human beings that ever impressed me, for many reasons (there are a few). And, I can say, I did "Box" him... but it was a draw Smile hahahahaha... (kidding).

Then today, in real time here, in my "mourning-morning-news" 5 min writes, ---- thinking of Floyd comes up when trying to rationalize stuff occurring today, for a few years now.
-- I think of the Children on the Border. Imagine YOUR NEIGHBOR sending their kid on a 1000 mile trip, through the desert, possibly paid for the loan of the child... how fast would DFS be there?

And, the next time you'd/they'd see your/their kid, it'd be in Court, with you having to sue to get them back?! Interesting contrast.

So, the kids thing makes me think of Floyd Paterson and others in my past "lives" years ago. I was around folks who would have put up Barn/Bunk-houses and taken on 10-15 kids if could be for Legal Adoption, even. But, that's not part of that. Interesting! So, what is it about?

When I was a LEO, I was around lots of in service folks who were eager to have a house *full.
-- The thing about the "country" and farms and etc., -- folks (real people), are used to "Life's Dirt"... life is a dirty mess isn't it? Birth is bloody, Death is a dirt hole... -- you'd probably not take on 1 - 15 kids in your West Side NYC/San Fran/Chicago Apartment... it would not be so pristine, in short order. Smile hah, indeed!

But, these were, we were, OK with "dirt", so to speak. Believe me, the HOUSE was *immaculate (sterile in some cases), and --- discipline and respect kept it that way, but hey!, milk gets spilled and plates get broken, -- so what?

So, next time you wonder about "me" or one of my songs, -- you've got "this"; or, overtime can AUTHENTICALLY invest the time. And then what? Well, one more following... and well beyond FAWM-5090, yes?


And You?



FYI -- if you don't "get this", -- SKIP IT, it is NOT for you Smile and that's OK. It can just sit here too, no rush... we have time!