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Hey guys and gals,

Collaborating on FAWM and Fifty-Ninety has always been a mutually gratifying experience to me and the friends I made this way (is it already 8 years? Crazy!). I invite each and everyone of you to collaborate (even) more.

As a seasoned composer-songwriter (8000+ songs and compositions - no bragging, since quantity doesn't imply quality, I leave that judgement to other people), I'd LOVE to collaborate with you if you are a lyricist, musician, singer or other songwriter.

I'm open to support you with songwriting advice, delivery of musical parts to add to your song (drums, percussion, bass, guitar(s), keys, strings or other pads, vocals (I'm a bariton), just name the instrument you need, I'll see what I can do). Just don't ask me to help on your lyrics, that's not so much my cup of coffee. Wink

I'm definitely not a great musician of singer, so don't expect too much. Let's just enjoy working together on music and why not, learn something from each other and add to each other's art.

Give me a call, I'm excited to meet you in this great virtual place, where very real bonds are forged! Biggrin

§ Roel

I have had the pleasure of working with Roel for years, and can vouch for this artist's versatility.

Americana rock: https://stephenwordsmith.bandcamp.com/track/roel-van-veldt-i-dont-pump-to-survive
Quirky piano ballad: https://stephenwordsmith.bandcamp.com/track/roel-van-veldt-blink

I have had the pleasure of working with @Stephen Wordsmith for years and can vouch for his lyrics' usability.
I don't know how much collaborating I will be doing this year, but, @Roel van Veldt, if I do... I'll definitely keep you in mind!

I'm open to collab. This year, I'm aiming for mostly positive, uptempo songs. I can iPad, guitar, bass, vocals, lyrics, whatever...

I'd be keen to hook up with some lyric writers this 50/90 and collab on some tracks! Legit, if you're a songwriter and you feel like collaborating, hit up your buddy NuJ4X! Biggrin

Maybe we can slap the ball around a little

I'm up for collaborating. Currently my recording situation is not that stable, but I write music and lyrics prolifically (so it's been said of me) .

I would LOVE to collaborate with any of you. Hit me up anytime!

I'm game - as always I love to collaborate and @Roel van Veldt yes please Smile

Also, being a lyricist and usually rather prolific in FAWM and 50/90, I am very willing to collaborate if you fancy my lyrics when I post them. Alternatively, I also like writing lyrics for a specific singer/composer, so if you'd like to do it that way, just ask me Smile

I can also write topline lyrics to pre recorded tracks and such Smile

I am happy with pop, edm, indie folk, singer songwriter, rock, punk, AC, blues, lounge jazz and such Smile whatever floats your boat.

I'll throw my hat in for some classical-esque keys. I also play guitar, but am not confident enough to collaborate. (Plus I'd need an instrument mic which = $$$) And sing, somewhat, maybe, in an alternate reality, turn left at the big tree, no, not that tree, the big one!

I'm equal parts excited and terrified to collaborate, which is something I've never done before,..


We collaborated on a tune back in 2011 - I'd love to work on another one with you this year!
Last time, I think I sent over lyrics and you provided music and vocals, if you have a melody (basic guitar, strings, or keys) floating around that hits your fancy, send it my way and let's see what we can come up with...


I did a lot of Colabing in FAWM this year and am keen to do it again here J

If you got lyrics I'm up to do music.

Hey Jason! Of course I remember you! I should relisten to "This Lighthouse". I'd love to collaborate again! It's a shame we did only one song until now. See you around! And please yes, just give me a sign or send me your lyrics. Any reminder is fine. Smile

§ Roel

So, I was playing around last night, and I figured out a way to record some decent-quality guitars. So if someone's looking for some high-gain guitars, I might give it a shot... Again, never collaborated before, so this kind of terrifies me.

I'm open to the idea. Usually I write lyrics as well as music (since I'm a singer-songwriter type of person), but this time I'm focusing on creating an album of instrumental music. If you would want to collaborate with me on some composing, let me know.

Kraysie Let me know if you are after anything special style wise and i can tailor some lyrics.

Hey Jason! I remember you and the song we wrote: This Lighthouse! If I've got a melody first song, I would be glad to send it your way. Biggrin

§ Roel

Hey Amanda! "Every Right is Wrong" is still one of my favorite collab songs! I will be looking out to find other great lyrics of yours. Biggrin

§ Roel

Hey Liz! The pleasure would be mine too. As I recall well, we did at least 5 collab songs in the past, and I love them all. Biggrin

§ Roel

That's great Alex! Looking forward to a collab with you too! Stephen and I wrote multiple songs together. I can only endorse your praise of his lyrics. Biggrin

§ Roel

Thank you Stephen, you make me blush! I hope you found my last minute FAWM contribution to your great "Hotel Ghost" lyrics? (http://fawm.org/songs/87207/)
See you around! Biggrin

§ Roel

Hi folks, lyricist here always happy to help and collaborate.

Hello I'm pretty new but I'd love to find some people to collaborate with, I've had soooooo much fun and I'm learning so much.
Music is a passion an in very proud to be apart of this group.
Thanks and God bless yall.

I'd be honored if you would like to put music to some of my lyrics. Let me know! Appreciate the offer