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This idea came to me after reading this story. I can't bring myself to write a song about it myself, but I thought somebody else might want to: https://roadtrippers.com/mx/nle/points-of-interest/la-popular

Edit: it's about a mannequin in a bridal shop in Mexico who may or may not be the mummifed body of a real lady who died on her wedding day.

Interesting idea... kind of along the idea of a collaboration like when, I only have lyrics and can't come up with music (or whatever the excuse/reason is), or vise versa, so --not really to far out an idea here! Good one! So long as it's not a "throw away" idea ... -- walking over here I had a gold-record million dollar idea, but hit my head on the keyboard and just can't remember it Wink

There's definitely a song there.
-- a mannequin in Mexico dressed like a clown once told me not to drink the tequila if the worm wasn't dead yet... wise words indeed; or you would die on your wedding day!

Now I only drink Mezcal! And my wife tells me to never eat the worm, dead or alive.

-- Yup, sounds like a song...

Why on earth are worms in it anyway?! That's bizarre!

Excellent question.

I'll explain what I know of it:
It's supposed to only be in the bottle of pure agave (cactus, looks like aloe plant), ... of pure agave fermented juice. Typically, since liquor/distillation is licensed (in USA anyway) I guess it's a way to advertise, or was an old way?

Tequila, made from Agave cactus may be 50/50 Cane Sugar fermentation fortified (or any sugar, forget "organic", etc.). I can't (not supposed to) have the worm. (And if alive, --my part of the legend, was likely just slipped in, so beware of the mannequin Smile ) Anyway, for me that translates from any language into a pounding headache prior to the next morning, even, --they may use all kinds of "stop fermentation" chemicals, or "sanitizers" in their equipment that some like me (as I we get older) develop a food alergy too, ==axe between the eyes headache prior to the end of the party even Smile

Actually, I'm not much of a drinker, so to speak... but missed my 1 beer/wine/Mezcal Sunrise so much... made my own, (I make excellent cactus pear wine, OMG! or Mead...)... anyway, --until I found certain brands that didn't make me pay for it, prior to finishing the glass.

Back to the worm:
--you'll see on old American "westerns", etc. where they say (some bad guy in a shack drinking and eating and kicking everyone arse... etc...), ... anyway, he' say "if you eat the worm, you'll have visions". Only if taken with payote, --imo Wink I woudn't know either way. LOL

-- I think Musicians, Songwriters, et al., need to be good story tellers, Salespeople, bullsheit artists... and likely are well read in a lot of krappe, if not even well "educated" in useless information like the above, with many strong opinions fighting to get out.

All that, with a quick wit... helps with all the tough stuff we do like, sit and drink Mezcal, play guitar and sing for folks who throw money at us Smile

@SimonWaldram Mate that bride legend is a fantastic story for a song! I would absolutely do one.

There's got to be a song idea in this news story about a missing couple being discovered and giving closure to their daughter (now aged 79)...

I've already written a song about a glacier this summer though so it's not for me - help yourselves!

I'm really quite proud of the song @acousticmaddie and I did together, and I'm glad I started this thread. Smile

That's a great idea @Vom Vorton
I could see a line in there like "We grow old together, we grow cold together, as a daughter awaits closure"

Just a quick question - why did the "@" symbol work for acousticmaddie, but not for me or Simon?

In order to work, it must be enclosed within square brackets.

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Thanks Stephen, let me give it another try @Stephen Wordsmith.

WAHOOOOOO!! It worked!