Let's Help a FAWMer Win! All it takes is a vote a day for the next week!!!

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A fellow FAWMer, Stuart Benbow, is very close to winning a spot to perform at a songwriter festival and all he needs is a few votes from all of y'all to make it happen! Takes 5 seconds and BOOM! A FAWMer gets to be heard!!! Below is the link to click and background info from Stuart!


Hello fellow FAWMers, I'm hoping you can take a couple of moments each day for the next couple of weeks to vote for me.
*** UPDATE***
Several new entries have just been added, and are getting heavy attention. I've dropped to third place, and REALLY need your daily votes.

There's a songwriter festival held in Fort Myer, Florida, near where my father lives. I've just reconnected with him earlier this year, after a thirty year absence, so he's never seen me perform (I'm in Michigan). The contest covers round trip air fair, hotel and car rental, in addition to a performance at the Island Hopper singer-Songwriter festival.

Votes can be cast daily, so, it's just a matter of clicking on the link and voting each day. If you want to help even more, there's share buttons for FB and Twitter, and a like button, as well as actually watching the video.

It's even topical, since my entry is a FAWM song.

Wow, for the reunion that this could be, you can count me in! That's very cool, Stuart. @stuartbenbow
And @johnstaples, your community spirit is pulsating!

Consider it done... cause I just listened and did the thing. Let's get @stuartbenbow to Florida, folks!

I voted, and I watched/listened to the video - great song!
And @AndyGetch and I live in Fort Myers, so we'd love to meet @stuartbenbow in person. And any other 5090ers who might find themselves in this part of Florida.

Let's vote again every day for a few more days! Smile

Bringing this back up to the top.



Wow, you guys are awesome. I just saw the forum thread. Thank you John for the support and plug, and to all of you for the voting and kind comments. I've been so busy prepping for the State Fair music competition next weekend that I haven't had much 50/90 time lately, so this really made my day! Smile



Folks you can vote EVERY DAY !! please consider doing this Smile It doesn't close until Sept 9th, maybe later, as far as I know.
Thank you Smile