Let's get commenting! The return of the Century Club Thread

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hit 400 today

Over 400 now and look forward to listening and commenting more! Very impressed with the breadth and depth of what I am reading and hearing this year. Loving spending time on this site. Thanks, too, for keeping the century club going!

I'm planning to hit the 300 mark by the end of the day. Only 18 more songs to listen to....I try to comment equallly for every comment made on my songs, so if you need more people to comment on your work, that's an easy way for me to hear you, if you haven't listened already to my stuff.

Thanks to all those who have given me constructive feedback! You all are awesome!

I made it to 300 just now!!!! Thank you all for giving me great stuff to listen to!

Just barely reached 100! I don't think I will be able to reach 200 anytime soon.

Add me to the 300 club!


Just hit 200.

209, will continue with pleasure Smile

Crossed the 400 threshold and didn't even notice. I'm at 406 now. It seems like fewer people are around these days. I don't know if that's burnout or (like me) starting to stress a bit about reaching goals. I'll keep going though... with writing and commenting!

Now past 500! Wish I could hear/read all 3000+ songs but that is not possible! Will see if I can hear a lot more in the next 2 weeks though!

Just went over 300 comments. First time in Top Ten! Smile

Holy moly, some of you are commenting maniacs! Well done!!

Well, I've made centurion finally. It's been an unusually inactive 50/90 for me, but I hope to finish strong. I intend to listen to all the sky inspired songs I helped initiate with the Music of the Spheres challenge, and that ought to get me nearer 200 before the finish line. I'll keep you posted!

I will be hitting 400 song comments and over 500 comments in general by the end of this morning. Thanks to all who have taken a listen to my work and given me feedback. I hope my comments have been useful or encouraging for you.

I'm currently at 308, and counting...


My goal was to listen and comment on 600 or more songs and fortunately I was able to make that goal! I hope to keep checking out work and commenting if people are still around over the next few weeks.

Thanks for the 600 plus great songs!

200. Keep on writing those hits, team!

Long road to get there but now at 400.