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Is it just me, or do things seem really quiet around here this year?

Commenting is the lifeblood of Fifty/Ninety - for a lot of participants, getting comments is what fuels their engines. Every year this thread crops up to encourage people to listen (or read the lyrics) and comment on songs uploaded by other participants. If you have a spare fifteen minutes, why not click on the site's "Jukebox" link and give something new a listen?

It's also beneficial to the commenter. I've discovered some talented musicians and made some great friendships this way. Setting yourself comment targets is a great way to listen to more music; your favourite new artist might be out there, right now, waiting for you to hear what they've just written.

I can see some folks are already way ahead of me in their commenting duties - so who's got to a hundred comments? (Go to http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/ while you're logged in and your "song comments" count is there in the top right hand corner).

Sextuple Century Supernovas (600 comments made)

Quintuple Century Titans (500 comments made)

Quadruple Century Superheroes (400 comments made)

Triple Century Tyros (300 comments made)
[@brrrse] - now @Tasha Parker Gibbs

Double Century Superstars (200 comments made):
@Chip Withrow
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@Kevin Emmrich
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Thanks for starting this thread! I am at 86 comments given...maybe I'll hit 100 today!

Useful thread as usual - I feel like I'm ahead of where I usually am right now, and I'm at 72. I want to get as many songs in as possible by Thursday since I'll then be taking a 9-day trip. Then during that 9 days I might not have time to write but time to comment.
When I get home later today, perhaps I'll start an accompanying commenting strategies/tips thread.

I was at 98 when I saw this thread -- just hit 100. I knew John would be close by now!

You can add me to the list of Comment Centurions too now @headfirstonly. Just gave my 100th. I will prolly slow down some in the future. It is not easy to give comments in a foreign language 'coz I have to google the words so often. Smile

102 so far

Oh my, hadn't realized, I'm at 104.....for song comments. Lordy me, how did I do that? Mama always said I never knew when to shut up Smile

I'm well past 100 at this point. Last time I checked it was 130, but that was a couple of days ago, I think.

*waves* I just hit 100!

just hit 100, but only because i got a steroid injection and took a sudafed for severe otitis caused by an ear infection, and those kept me up far past my usual crashing time. i wrote several songs and continued catching up returning comments last night while i couldn't sleep. i'm finally getting tired now. i work at 4:30, so i can definitely get a nap in. namaste!

145 here Smile and it's 4.53am and I can't sleep - so look out everyone the badly written weird comments are going to appear and I suspect I'm only half awake Wink

I just hit 100. Yay!

Thanks for doing this thread, I am always excited to join the club, just hit 101!!

I posted my 100th comment yesterday. Away from my recording gear til August 1 - I thought this would be a commenting-only time for me, but I did write a lyric yesterday. And I'm wishing I could compete in the super skirmishes - suppose I could do lyrics, but I like to have a guitar handy when I skirmish.

Due to several issues going on right now I am waaay behind in my commenting - I'm at 66 but am usually up near 100 by this point in the summer. I'll get there, though!

Current count 203. Propelled by the weekend superskirmishes. No pressure kids, I am expecting a lot of company, and to be surpassed soon.

Quality over quantity. I prefer to write 25 comments on songs I really care about than a thousand short "sweet nothings" on random stuff. Consider yourself honored if you get a comment. Wink But kudos to those of you who listen to a lot of songs every day and put time and effort into saying something constructive about each one. Much appreciated. Wish I could find something to say every time I click on a song, but if I don't feel it I don't feel it.

I finally crossed the 100 mark. I would like to have done more comments, but I don't really have that great of a vocabulary in English, its a limit to how many times you can write nice, cool and such before you start to feel like you're repeating yourself.

Just noticed I have given 109 comments so put me on the board please!


You are seriously good people, and I have serious catching up to do. Mea culpa!

100 Unknw
Russ Dirol

just hit 200. it has been fairly easy this year to stay ahead of my 2 to 1 ratio for giving comments v receiving them.

I might be a bit hit-and-miss keeping the list fresh for a while, folks. I started a new job on Monday and it's taking up most of my time at the moment...

Looks like I've made 117 comments.

Well pneumonia has had one positive consequence for me. 22 songs written and 280 comments given, so far.

At long last! I have crossed the threshold of 100 comments, just now. Now taking a deep breath to go back in for more!!

so i apparently hit 100 and did not know it.

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I'm getting there. I've really enjoyed the music I've heard so far. Good, good stuff!

Up to 103 comments given!!

it does seem slow . Just made my 100th comment earlier tonight

Yikes! Got some serious listening to do.

just hit 300. i'm sure there are a couple of others there with me. i'm getting ahead of my 2 to 1 ratio of comments given to comments received.

Just passed the 200 comment mark....my philosophy is that you have to give feedback to get feedback. And being new here, I can use all the feedback I can get.

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I've passed the 100 mark...

Count me in as well Smile

Woot I'm in! Finally made more time for listening this weekend and hit the 100 mark.

By Jove! I done went and hit 102. Mostly on lyrics. It's what I know best.


Way to go, Andy!

In the over 200 club!

Well I haven't been around as much to comment as extensively as I would like. I usually try to write 20 comments per song I post, but this year am at about 7 comments per song I post... But over 200 comments now and hope to comment more next week.

Just crested 200 comments, and loving the trip! I should still have lots of time for listening in this next week also.

Just 125 from me. Will definitely carry on with pleasure.

300. I've had family in town the last 2 weeks, but should be back to normal levels Monday.

I have taken the last couple of weeks off myself. Just starting to get back into commenting (only at 160) and I need to drum up a new tune.

I am at 200 now. Very slowly picking the pace. I hope to get to 300 by the end of September.

Slow this year. Just hit 100

Take me to beyond 300! I have heard some wonderful songs, read some awesome lyrics, and enjoyed lovely interactions. Some really creative and clever minds! I've laughed and cried with the emotions that are evoked by some of the music. I look forward to commenting more!

You can add me to the 200 club. Now that I've hit my 50, I think I'll concentrate more on listening and commenting.

just hit 400 comments. it is getting busier at work, so i'm working 6 days, and my friend is coming in every week on my day off to play music, so my time to write and comment are tight, with no days off to myself of late.

Made my 200th comment just now. Onward!