Let me turn your lyrics into acoustic songs?

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I seem to be having a temporary block on finishing decent lyrics, but it's pretty easy for me to turn an existing lyric into an acoustic song (within a day or two). I'm hoping I can do a bunch this week and get my numbers caught up.

For all you lyricists looking for collabs, send me one, or a few! I'm really looking for someone to write lyrics specifically for me or pick out one of yours that you think are worth putting to music and that might suit me (quirky acoustic songwriter with pop & rock influences) and reserve it for me. If you tell me just to browse your lyrics and you have like 20+ songs, and I can't even tell which ones have already been reserved for other musicians, then I'm probably not going to read them.

Btw bonus if you want to release it or turn it into something more if we both like it and agree, but I don't mind collabs that are just for fun and personal growth. Thanks!

Ok Amanda i have written a few not posted, i will send you 2 or 3 to have a look at, just let me know if you want any or all of them, i wont do anymore on them until you let me know!

Awesome, I wouldn't want you to sacrifice any of your lyrics if you already have musical ideas, but yes if you have some that you'd like to collab on feel free to send them my way!

I'd hit the tagcloud http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/tagcloud and look for needs-music and needs-collaboration.

Sending you an idea @Amanda Rose Riley

Bumping this because I got some cool collabs from @AndyGetch, @coolparadiso and @K.C. this way. All are welcome to send more than one lyric btw. The worst that can happen is it doesn't really inspire any ideas in me, but I won't be offended that you sent it!

I have so many ideas of my own and I would like to force myself to finish them, but it's just hard sometimes when I'm tired and lacking mental energy. This is so much easier and faster for me. And even when I get around to my own ideas, I find that I still have time to hammer out some musications (is that a word?) of other people's lyrics in between, so feel free to keep them coming. It's fun, it builds my melody writing skills, and it builds community.

(Again I know I can just read all the lyrics tagged "needs music," but there are SO many out there I could never possibly read them all, and I have no way of knowing which ones might suit me without reading them all. It's so much better when someone sends one saying, "this is one I really want music for, and I think it would suit you," since there are many that would not sound good sung by a woman, or as an acoustic song.)

Hi Amanda, it was a pleasure collaborating with you before. Please let me know if you are happy to create music to http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/47433

@musicsongwriter Sure, I wouldn't mind giving that one a go! Probably next week, but if I write something I'll send it to you before posting.

I will send a couple, if that's okay.

Thank you Amanda, please take the time you need. I'm happy to wait.
Have a lovely Sunday Smile


Really liked the rounding out of lyrics and your music for "Coffee Guy"! Great job! Thanks,