Less than 90 days until 50/90

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88 I think. Give or take. I can't count that well.

edit: Thanks to @andygetch for the unofficial countdown timer:


An even less as of today, when I'm writing this. I'm looking forward to a productive summer!

214 days past September.....65 and counting down Smile

Oh right. 50/90's coming! Biggrin

Are we there yet?? *whines*

71ish... maybe. Give or take. Maybe.



Would that make it 49 today?

Correct @tcelliott. When the calendar flips to July 4th at the international dateline (7PM EST, 6pm CST), the website opens for posting songs. The wiki advises to actually begin July 4th local time. From midnight wherever, that leaves 16 full days of anticipation (16-31) in May, plus 30 days of itchy awareness in June, plus three days of most anxietous waiting in July. While it is much more fun to guess at math, like, if my math is correct, then that is 16+30+3=49 days. Until the countdown timer gets installed officially I did this one
Feel free to copy and paste at will (like in your top post)


I wish it would hurry up and be July 4th, 2017. I feel creative this week, and I know this feeling will start to fizzle out soon. But my friends, I will only release songs in 5090 that I actually did write during the challenge. I suspect most of us feel the same way about that. Right now Jimmy and I are "practicing" our lyrics writing, and trying to get back into songwriting mode. One song a day. That's my plan.

I read this one guy today on another website talking about the use perfect rhymes and forced rhymes and I was like, "oh no, are people really going to judge my lyrics?" This is just a hobby for me and I don't really care about Nashville perfection. In fact, I don't even care if it makes perfect sense, or the guitar playing sucks. However, I do care about my vocals sucking. Can't have that or I'll be dropping out sooner than later.

I write a lot in the "off" season. Songfight, GYAWS (facebook) and my own whims. I never include those for 50/90 or FAWM. I found out a few years ago that if I start writing in January (and don't count them in FAWM) then I have a better FAWM as I'm primed and ready to go. Your experience may differ.

re: Rhymes. There was a country song on the radio some years ago that rhymed "want it" with "on it" with a hick drawl that made it sound like a near rhyme. Rhymes are important, but only one of many important qualities in songwriting.

I wanna start working on more solid musical riff hooks. Lots of my favorite songs have a stronger riff as a hook than the lyrics. I wanna try to do more of that.