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Post the freshest of fresh songs you've made recently before this thing starts!

I've been holding back to try to save my energies for the next months, but I've made a few silly songs. This one "To Microwave A Penguin" is a throwaway, this is me not caring at all and having fun.

Post away!

Good idea!

The last eight songs I've written have all been for the Nur Ein knockout songwriting competition, and I'm currently in the final with a track that I finished recording on Sunday.
You can hear it (along with my rival's track) here:

Off to listen to [@Barry Goldman] microwaving a penguin now...

I've been trying to quick-write electronic instrumentals every few days just to keep myself in a creative state - Here's the latest one.

I have been busy producing, mixing and playing other peoples music.
Haven't had time nor energy to write new material, so my last finished song is from FAWM

the last song I wrote since FAWM is Wrong Window (NSFW -contains swearing) Smile

Because I didn't produce anything for FAWM, I'm extremely glad that I managed to get something done before 50/90 - at least I know I can still write a song!

This is it - a pretty standard 'me' song... 'Never Tomorrow; Never Today' -

Nice to hear some new songs by you all ...

This wasn't actually the latest, but it's the best thing from the last few weeks. I've been hanging out on the Facebook Song Skirmish page, which gives you a prompt a week to work with. The prompt here was "Sail".

Like Vom, I wrote songs for Nur Ein. Unlike Vom, I did not make it near the finals. I've posted my Nur Ein songs on my website

Amazing how I still don't know how to @.

@Vom Vorton I listened to "The End", it's a good song! A nice song, well put together, good melodies and acoustic and electric action. I'm used to you doing your electro things so this was cool to hear!
@pearlmanhattan Neat electro tune, I like the alien keyboards. Just adding new elements on and on over the same loops, it works good.
@Mt.Mélodie Neat! The chords sound good and I like the weirdo percussion. Good vocals and chill vibe also. I really like the ending, it really picks up and the extra instruments give it good dynamics!
@wobbie wobbit A cautionary tale, I like the tune! Expressive vocals and a funny tune. I like your delivery and the dramatics in the chord progression.
@atitlan Relaxed vibe with a sort of urgent feel to the message. Like the composition also and the keyboard bits around 2:20, a great ending!
@standup Feels like a quick recording but the tune is good! I can see how it could turn into a jam. But as it is I like it! Good tune and lyrics, plus the reverby guitar. I can imagine the song sped up with big ol' drums and all.
@iveg I listened to "Fan Theory". Fun, I like the bright sound of the music with the synths and all. "She sucks. At arithmetic!" is the winning line, good chorus on it!

thanks [@Barry Goldman] Smile i think i got the @ thing right you just wrap it in some [ ] square brackets (no space between the @ and the first name). thanks for listening and feeding back Smile

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After FAWM I needed a break. The last weeks have been busy with playing and visiting concerts. Also dabbling with some chords and tunings but not really creating something new. So the last track I finished was an instrumental FAWM tune:

Not the very last one but one of the last once I've composed:

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Thank you [@barry goldman]

I enjoyed listening to all the songs everyone has posted.

last one I wrote was the debut single for my new band fums and its called thinking of you

[@Barry Goldman] Thanks for your comment! I love the random cut-up lyric feel of "Penguins". Is that how you wrote the lyrics?
@Vom Vorton Love the energy and fun attitude of your songs this year. Will it be enough to beat Merisan? We'll find out soon! Nur Ein!
@pearlmanhattan The sunrise video + your music was a very cool combination. Did you film it yourself?
@Mt.Mélodie My favorite part was the last chorus, how you built up to it, and just the feel of your vocal line. Sweet.
@wobbie wobbit It was funny, but I *WAS* at work. Will listen again later.
@atitlan I love your earnest lyrics and your delivery.
@standup I love "that doesn't mean you're smart as hell - it means you don't explain things very well" It's so true.
@sph Love that bass part. I was chair dancing to this, even if it is in 7. The last bit - where the tele plays alone - is very beautiful.
@musicsongwriter Hi, Nadia! Good to hear you again! You have one sound that feels almost like icicles dropping. Very cool.
[@Ianuarius] Fun electronica. I'm planning to finish my Bard Card song and try a couple other ones this 5090.
@maxr13 Fum listen. [Sorry.] I really like your chorus. The high notes at the end totally caught me by surprise.

Most recent was an instrumental in March. I don't write a lot throughout the year, but I got a few that I was really proud of.

@iveg all the video and most of the stills in my videos are from - creative commons license video and images.
and thank you Smile

[@Barry Goldman] I enjoyed yours. I liked the kook lyrics and the fun punk energy.

Got my rock hands and file hosting, so I can post a few songs I've been working on, though most of them I'll post up once we get rolling.
This one is nearly complete, and I even got to sing on it:

@maxr13 really enjoyed your fums song! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this summer.

@[iveg] thank you for listening and your support. The sound is thanks to fl studio.

Although I just released an album of competitive eating songs literally today (as mentioned in my shameless self-promotion forum post), before that (about a month ago) I released an album of variably insider-y songs about several friends of mine who travel in a common musical circle. It was recorded mainly in April and May of this year, and while I quite like several of the songs (and have reservations about several others), one of the last (if not quite the last) songs recorded was Owen's New Friend, which you can hear here and which came out just like I wanted it.

This is the last song I wrote, apart from some editing on others, which doesn't count. It's a co-write with my long time co-writer [@Steven Guiles], together we are usually FKOD aka the Future Kings Of Denmark, and have an album about to hit the internet 'Fiery Ends'.

This is a rough demo of our newest FKOD song, and will be redone, edited etc in a few weeks. It was written for GYAWS. It's called Hold Back A Hurricane.

One of the latest since FAWM. Not recorded yet but we are singing it live with the band. It's called Running with Scissors.

Just this morning under:

(Georgie and Dans Closed Group)

Since can't seem to link direct to a post with text, under ~ "FEEDBACK" ~ the last two, Lyric and then about it a bounce track living at bandcamp. (Use the "search" form left menu if burried, under the pinned, but I think close to the top presently.)

-- For this 5090, again, will proceed with clean up, ~~ music for lyric from FAWM (if survives keeping it), post FAWM (or pre-5090? Smile ) ...

OK 31 minutes to preview all above me here... just say'in, not afraid to do the work Wink hahhh:


To Microwave a Penguin -- great classic sound and composition

Vom Vorton -- it saind "eliminated", could not listen, not there

pearlmanhattan -- I like "electronica", -- sounds good! (It started at timed, post mid track)

Mt Melodie -- great syncopation orchestration, and how handled in the production, great "darker" (sonically speaking) tone

Wobbie Wobbit -- great stuff..., really, love it

Atitlan -- nice feel to the orchestration, production

Standup -- I love a well used tremolo. I never got the hang of it

iveg -- not sure where to look, lots of stuff there, and not sure which is the "latest". But hey, I know your stuff, it's all good! Smile

sph -- my fav bass is a precision fretless, nothing else records (sounds like it, "as-is") burpee and woody... you do electronica well!

musicsongwriter -- nice classic rigg progs for dancing, indeed. I like the xylophone, -- don't hear that much today and used to be otherwise

IA -- more great electronica! Smile

maxr13 -- enjoyed the listen!

katpiercemusic -- your orchestrations are getting more complex and contrast your Renaissance fair stuff but hear the connection too.Sound like a NA wood floot... -- I'm still looking for a way to "use" mine other than to freak out my neighbors with the bass tones that bellow up across the yards Wink Smile

oneslowtyper -- nice classic modulations, well done

Amanda West -- nice feel, liked it

RalphCarl -- love the fisheye lens pov; nice feel to it (at the venues, see if they have a usb on the board and shove in a thumb drive to then mix with the viceo post production... -- folks, even foh engineers don't always know the board out has that feature... if even you have to rca plug it and post over... "just say'in" ... Smile ) Nice "neil young" feel, if ok to say.

Thank you @ustaknow for listening and your kind fedback. I used keyboard and fl studio, they list the instruments as methal harp and glass. I just liked the sounds as the glass is kind of imitating the water droplets.

Here's one from today, for Song Skirmish 118:

Kinda rough but I like it. Good to get the cobwebs out.

@metalfoot It's not too rough, it's just authentic. Nice down to earth folk song. And really nice sounding acoustic guitar I must say. ( And thanks for busting my Fawm 2018 placeholder zong so fast. )

This is a recent song that I submitted to Disquiet Junto Project 0337: Through Composted:

One of the samples I used (in its entirety) was a voice & ukulele demo I did for FAWM 2011.

@ustaknow it says eliminated because I didn't win the competition (by a single vote, ouch), but the song is still there and can be streamed from the site or downloaded fine.

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@Vom Vorton Congratulations for reaching the finale!

@sph cheers! Just like 50/90, the real prize is the songs I wrote along the way!

@Vom Vorton -- Ok... called "The End", 7Mb ... yes the mp3 downloaded perfectly. --- Yes, the nuclear age, it is a wonderful thing! Wink I love being radio, active... --- well done as usual! Smile

Just did another last night at:

Under the song prompt, "Weekly Prompt 2 July 2018, Redefining Normal"

Lyrics only in prep for 5090, "Steel Scraping Clean", ustaknow 02Jul2018, song-draft

Hi all! Very newbie here. I am not even sure how this all works. I only write lyrics, so I am in awe of all of you that do your own music! The last thing I wrote is called Shelter From The Storm and it, along with a few others I have written are posted at

Not all of my work is posted there.

If anyone would explain how this all works for me, I would appreciate it. I have been reading many of the posts and trying to piece it all together. Thanks! And I am looking forward to whatever this is and the challenge!

Wrote this one this year...lately. Country. Miranda Miller/Phil Holland/David L Graham

Love what you two do.

Cool as usual. David

Not the latest one I've written but I redid this song from my first album last week, and it was re-released today with this lyric video.

I can't post it, we haven't released it yet; but it was one I of the 2 songs I think i did here last year, called Her Green Hair. A nice little ballad about a guy and a mermaid, and why guys shouldn't get involved with mermaids.

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Krayzie003-- Loved it.