Labor Day Weekend Sept 1-4 Strung-Out-Super-Skirmish

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So who is interested in hosting skirmishes? Post here if/when you can host. If we get enough interest, then we may be able to put together a strung out super skirmish. Either way I will be writing a lot this weekend.

EDIT: Looks like we have some interest. Why not experiment with a scheduling variation spreading the twelve skirmishes out a bit more (at least initially) with three hours in between instead of just one. See the list below, all TBD slots are up for grabs. If anyone would like to host, then post a comment below! I can fill in the TBD gaps as needed so we shall have a strung out super skirmish!

Use this converter to figure out the times where you are

Month-day-(24 hr clock GMT)
#1 > S1a23 > Friday September 1 at 11pm GMT, 7pm EDT, Host: @Scubed,
Prompt: Smoke

#2 > S2a03 > Saturday September 2 at 3 am GMT; Friday September 1, 11pm EDT, Host: @AndyGetch,
Prompt: Integration

#3 > S2b15 > Saturday September 2 at 3 pm GMT; 11am EDT, Host: @Scubed,
Prompt: Drift

#4 > S2c19 > Saturday September 2 at 7 pm GMT; 3 pm EDT, 2 pm CDT, Host: @kahlo2013,
Prompt: Window (optional added words: screen, open, shut, broken)

#5 > S2d23 > Saturday September 2 at 11 pm GMT; 7 pm EDT, 6 pm CDT, Host: @kahlo2013,
Prompt: Stage (optional added words: script, act, cast, wings, pit)

#6 > S3a03 > Sunday September 3 at 3 am GMT; Saturday September 2, 11 pm EDT, Host: @AndyGetch,
Prompt: There's A Place I Go (optional musical prompt: substitute a major chord for a minor chord)

#7 > S3b15 > Sunday September 3 at 3 pm GMT; 11am EDT, Host: @AndyGetch,

Sunday September 3 at 7 pm GMT; 3 pm EDT everybody join in the traditional Sunday skirmish hosted by @corinne54!

#8 > S3d23 > Sunday September 3 at 11 pm GMT, 7 pm EDT, Host: TBD

#9 > S4a03 > Monday September 4 at 3 am GMT; Sunday September 3, 11 pm EDT, 10 pm CDT Host: @metalfoot

#10 > S4b15 > Monday September 4 at 3 pm GMT; 11 am EDT, Host: @yam655

#11 > S4c19 > Monday September 4 at 7 pm GMT, 3 pm EDT, 2 pm CDT Host: @metalfoot

#12 > S4d23 > Monday September 4 at 11 pm GMT, 7 pm EDT, Host: @yam655

Remember to post a new thread in the 'Song Skirmishes' forum for each skirmish you host

I'm probably available later on Sunday and/or Monday, but Saturday is right out for me.

Depends if I go out of town (again) or not. I'll help if I can.

I cannot commit to hosting but if skirmishes happen I'll participate in a few!

I can host Friday night, Saturday morning (EDT), or any time on Monday.

Thanks @metalfoot and @Scubed let me know if those times work for you or if you would prefer other slots Smile

I like this schedule and would be happy to host 19 and 23

@kahlo2013 I plugged you in for Saturday CDT, let me know if you meant another day and thanks!

Looks fine! Thanks for organizing!

@AndyGetch I will try to make those work for me! Smile

@metalfoot thanks, if another TBD slot works better, let me know, I'm happy to switch.

@Andy Getch, those slots are fine with me. Thanks so much for organizing this! Smile

So, I'm a little confused by the looks like a skirmish starts every 4 hours during the day (in North America) then nothing for 12 hours and the cycle starts again. Is that right?

Great start last night. Giving this thread a bump as we still have several TBD host slots.

I hope we find hosts for the open Monday slots - I can't participate in the Saturday or Sunday skirmishes. Smile

Pencil me in the the Monday slots. 11am and 7pm are good times for me.

Thanks @yam655 I have listed you as host! Everyone else, I started a thread for S3a. Just two hosting slots left Smile

As someone who writes slowly and has to eat often/on schedule, I really appreciate the pacing of the strung-out superskirmish. The skirmishes are still challenging, and yet I can participate in almost all of them and still have time to check out other people's skirmish songs and decompress a little before the next one.

Huge thanks to @Scubed @metalfoot @kahlo2013 and @yam655 for hosting two skirmishes each to make this strung-out-super-skirmish happen. Which even with hosts it wouldn't be a super skirmish without everyone who played with some of my odd prompts and made them into songs. That alone made the effort worth it. There were a lot of really good songs and song starts, some very interesting tangents, and a few song cycles happening. For me, the super skirmish weekend pushed me well over the 50 mark and I am closing in on my goal of 50 solo demos. THANKS!

Thank you, @AndyGetch, for handling organizational duties!