Labor Day weekend binge songwriting marathon

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This weekend I hope to write/finish and post a lot of songs to get my self back on track for my 5090 goals. For me that means to post at least ten new songs, including making forward progress on collaborations, and my album theme(s) as well as more song commenting. I will have the house to myself for a couple of days with no outside obligations. Monday is a holiday from work. I have a notebook full of 5090 and songwriting camp song ideas and more rattling around in my brain. Would anyone else like to join in and or share some of your goals, ideas, or successes/challenges for the weekend?

Have fun and good luck, Andy! sounds great!

I've been doing some work in the last few days for something related- working on a 10-song album largely drawn from the songs I've done this 50/90- since I've done alot of political-themed songwriting this season, I'm taking the best of those political songs, doing a little re-recording, remixing, polishing up, etc..with thie idea of issuing an album of it on Bandcamp probably within a week or so. I'm not free this whole weekend but will be continuing to do some work on it. I just posted, in fact, a re-recording of a song 'climate change', adding a verse, guitar parts, etc.

Re: "...share some of your goals, ideas, or successes/challenges for the weekend?"

I'm heading out with wifey... and unsure if will have Inet access.

We think we'll be, right on a lake front beach, just feet from being wet ... 'till end of week. Well, we hope -- don't get away much at all, so hope it's all good. Personally, I am hoping, few others are there after Monday, and I can sing into the mountains from my Room Terrace with my krappey acoustic guitar, and hear cheers from the Birds back to me? : )

I'm hoping to use the extra time this weekend to jump back in! August was a busy month and my back, though it did give me a fun cowbell song, has added to my time away from recording. I'm getting closer to normal physically. I have three lyric that need some melody born, and more ideas bumping around in my head. I'm committing to posting at least two before the weekend is through!

Way cool @darcistrutt I just posted a cowbell song Smile

I'm actually re-working/arranging some prior songs this weekend for a new project. That's what I feel like focusing on right now.

I did some mixing and mastering, and I am thinking about maybe trying to write one before bed, but tomorrow will be spend on music for my band. Rehearsal tomorrow for the gig we have at Orycon in November. Monday is back to writing. Wednesday, the kids go back to school, so I probably will do a LOT of recording next Friday? I hope?

good luck everyone! sometimes just getting involved in one way will spark another. Yesterday i was probably subconsciously thinking about this little political-themed topical album I'm working on, wondering 'what mood is missing', saw a half formed idea somewhere and ran with it ,and the next thing ya know, i had another song for the album (and hopefully a fairly funny one, too)