Kingwood Kowboy finishes 12th Vol of "Real Country Lyrics"

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With the writing of "Happy Texas" (Larry W Jones 7/23/2018) (song #7250), will complete the 12th volume of my "Real Country Lyrics" series. Each volume contains 250 songs. This one will include songs 7201 - 7250. The first 4000 were my "Island Song Lyrics" series. So, the country series began at # 4001.

That is HUGE! Congratulations Larry! Always did enjoy singing your lyrics.

Howdy JamKar. A very pleasant surprise, pard. Didn't know about this one. Thanks.....Larry

Actually this is the 13th volume, songs 7001 - 7250. Just published -

Steady and consistent and solid lyrics, Larry, deserves a salute!

Thanks Tim. Working on #14. Long way to go though.

You're the man! Glad I could put a few of them to music. Speaking of which, here's one now: "From Ache To Ache"

John, a great rendition. I posted it on my Reverbnation page, with your name attached, for all the world?? to listen to.

Thank you my friend.

Here's another one. "Loves Silver Lining". Since I started this one he's written a bunch more that I haven't checked out yet.