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Please would someone, anyone, give me a kick up the proverbial ass Sad I seem to have got stuck in a big songwriting rut after many weeks of being very prolific.

I think I know why, as I had to concentrate on my new AirBnB venture which opened last Thursday, and it has physically and mentally zapped me (starving artists need to do something so they don't literally starve lol). Plus my audio interface/amp/monitors don't seem to want to work consistently with my laptop and my DAW (Ableton Live 9) and it's driving me nuts. I've tried everything grrrrr

What I need is inspiration. Anyone care to try and inspire me in some way ? Pretty please Smile

Love n hugs n hope

Write from the perspective of an inatimate object:

-- Where I got that nugget

May work, may not, who knows? : )

Thank you !

When I saw this post heading I thought; "Oh my, more spam and hacking", but I do feel your frustration. Fortunately I heard from a little bird (literally) this morning, and the songwriting engine is beginning to kick over.

Write 3 really terrible songs. I means try to make them awful.

I've been slowing down, which I can't do, because I know September will be harder and I really want to get 50 this one year. I decided to write a couple of songs I didn't care about. It helps when you don't feel emotionally invested in the song you're writing for a bit.

Perhaps some new sounds would help, a new instrument or something. I like going to a thrift shop and buying the cheapest toy musical instrument I can find, and building a song around it. Smile

Song writing, to me, is storytelling. It might be fun to do a set of songs that tell parts of a whole story from varying perspectives. By exploring those different viewpoints, you'll find truth. Telling the truth in a way that can be absorbed by others is the golden ticket to good songs.

The challenges here at the "challenge" section of the forum are meant to get you out of writer's block, so try those first!

But for me, writing in a different genre has so far helped with me. Also try to write a song for someone outside your genre, like Nicki Minaj, Backstreet Boys, Twentyone pilots, etc. Write a song in a chord progression you hate, it has helped me a lot! Try to write less lyrics as much as you can. Write a song in an AABA form instead of the usual verse-chorus form. In an AABA form, there is no chorus, it's just verse and bridge. The name of the song is usually stated in first line of the lyrics or the last line of the lyrics on the verse.

Try to write songs mostly out of key. Introduce your craziest ideas early in the song preferably as in intro. Write an intro-verse, usually the intro-verse sounds completely different from the sections of the song. It can be literally anything! Implant a polyrhythm in one of the sections. Switching between two meters in a song, having the vocal play in 4/4 but the band in 3/4, extending beats or removing beats.

Try to write lyrics that reflect on one of your goals. Write lyrics based on a dream. Try writing random lyrics, use your subconscious mind to come up with the words, rhyming scheme, etc. Look for words that sound good with the song rather than look good on paper.

Just keep on writing even if you're not in the mood! You will come up with something!! Limit the time you spent on writing a song. Smile

Go to a place you don't normally go, try something you don't normally try. Talk to a new person. When you get new experiences, you have new things to write about.

Muse Tools to prompt titles, structures and give words with a word for lyric ideas. There is a free app called WordPalatte that does a word mash-up. I like to combine multiple prompts. @Amanda West Write a theme album about running an AirBnB (I'm thinking of the BBC show Fawlty Towers) start-up or imaginary/ideal/fantasy/famous/lost guest characters Smile

Too much to do and too little time
I should be writing and I’ve fallen behind
I sat down to write but decided to pass
Somebody please, give me a kick up the ass!
Somebody please, give me a kick up the ass!