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I hadn't planned on participating in 50/90 this year until I finally wrote a new song I was really excited about!

Its been years....so I just wanted to say hey to everyone

Well, hello!

Glad to see you checking in Mr. Epic. Welcome back and keep writing!

Thanks Kevin! I've just been down for so long! After the accident in the truck in 2012...I just lost my mojo! I've barely written anything Beee

But...I always like to pop my head in because of folks like yourself and Stephen Wordsmith and many others! You guys are awesome and even if I don't say anything, I'm always admiring your work from afar!

I showed up for FAWM this year in February...but I had no mojo and I gave up before I even started Sad

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I can relate to where you are. It's been difficult for me to write, play or record in recent months. I'm hoping to get beyond this place, but like you, I've been around to encourage and listen to some great music.

I just feel like I've let everyone down...even myself. I've got so much talent (not to be full of myself, but I'm being real) but I'm just broke. I have no money to pay folks to make beats and so these songs like "Party Hat" and "My Swag" and even the newest one I posted here on 50/90 "Big Beats" go to waste.

I feel like originally I came into FAWM as a bright rising star with a future...but then everything fell apart. But its okay...I've made peace with my failures and if nothing else, I just want to encourage you guys to be amazing and create. You guys rock!


Allo! Smile