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Got way too many people who I'd like to say stuff to, so I'm just putting it here.


For the music, the comments, the encouragement, and giving me a genuine feeling of worth. I've gotten comments that had me puffing my chest out the entire day and also some that made me legit laugh out loud.
I'm sorry I didn't collab with you all. And I'm flattered and thankful that Gm7 heard something in my tracks that made him want to work with them. That's an honor.
I honestly have so many of you that I want stuff so with badly. I have a couple tracks that I had specific people in mind for, but got cold feet so they just sit on my hard drive now.
I'll hopefully step it up next year or if I see you at FAWM.
In any event, 50/90 is always a good time thanks to you all, the community.
Until then, I sincerely wish you all well. Take care of yourselves and make some more music!
Peace out
(oh and I still will be listening and commenting...hopefully)

Thank you splittybooms for all the listens and comments! Your songs blow me away and inspire me to up my game. Hope to catch up at FAWM, looking forward to what you will be cookin' up Biggrin

hear hear!

Yes! Thank you to everyone from me, too. Without this awesome community, I would still be just jamming with no intention of writing songs. But writing songs has taught me so much already! I'm significantly closer to my goals (and my happy place) because of FAWM and 50/90.

Thanks. Smile

I'm still game for a collab with you @splittybooms! Enjoyed your stuff and hope you have a great rest of the year!

Well played Mate, i love what you do!