Just over 100 songs of stuff you might've never heard of

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Ok, so I compiled a Spotify playlist of awesome songs from over a 100 different bands.


If you're looking to broadening your horizons, give this playlist a listen. I tried to mix in a lot of different styles so hopefully there's something for everyone. Smile

Here's a quick snapshot of ten artists on the list:
- Ben Prunty
- Frightened Rabbit
- Heaven's Basement
- Kadawatha
- Myrath
- Nigel Stanford
- Polarkreis 18
- Show of Hands
- Waveshaper
- Yournalist

Come on just me how many of the 100 you knew. Biggrin

I'd heard of Green Day and Ben Folds. It sounds to me like we listen to very different artists. You just expanded my band vocabulary by 98%.

I am guessing that if I were to compile a playlist for you, you wouldn't know very many either. I listen to a lot of folk and local artists. The folk scene here in Boston is amazing!

10. 10%. That is all. Following. Smile

I can't see the list, and I dont have a spotify account (and I don't want one- I hate the way spotify rips off artists so much)
if you print the list here, I'll look, tho, and probably will know about five percent- but then again i could probably list a list of alot of artists you wouldnt know as well (not all 'bands' as i'm not just listening to music of the last 50 years, or just to 'rock', where it's more 'bands' then individual people.. etc)

4 out of the first 30.

I recognised about 20% and some of those are in my collection.

I think that proportion is an interesting effect of the internet's effect on listening habits. Genre-wise, of those that I was unfamiliar with and listened to, nothing was really outside the scope of what I enjoy, but once people start to move away from the mainstream I think there is so much music out there that you very quickly accumulate a fairly unique set of artists that you listen to. That's great from the point of view of your own experience, but it does dilute the shared experience of music discovery somewhat.