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I don't know what's the matter. I'm just not motivated this go-round to write or record. It's not like I don't have time - I'm retired.

I think I'm "Down in the Trumps" - Yes, that would be a topic to write about. I just find it all so depressing...

Sorry to hear that, Corinne. I've been finding myself happily uninspired. How great is it not to be dogged by song ideas that I feel compelled to flesh out with my meager skills?! What a relief!! I do feel sort of guilty about not participating more in the community this year. I think I'm afraid that if I leave a bunch of comments then people will feel compelled to reciprocate--and I don't really want any more comments on my meager output this year. I guess I should should get over myself and listen to some songs right now. After all, this community is pretty important to me Smile

@corinne54 - Thanks, as always, for your Sunday skirmish! (I wrote mine during the hour, will record tonight.)
@fresh spotless youth - "Happily Uninspired" is a great song title!
What got me going today into a song-creating mood was housework - laundry, dishes, etc.

@corinne54 you're not alone and I think that's okay. We've all been through... a lot... and it's not over. To everything there is a season and rest is as important as productivity. Perhaps this is more of a listening and commenting year while you let your own creative well refill? You gave us a great prompt today. It's okay to do a 5/90 year.

So sorry to hear that Corinne. I've been feeling not inspired and I started putting my thoughts into my music. You have a great way of creating lyrics, singing, playing. Your songs are beautiful. Sometimes when we feel like not creating the helpful thing is not to worry about it, just pick up a guitar and play whatever comes. I've done it with the piano or too many occasions to be honest. I hit the record button and often delete everything later on but sometimes something comes out and I like it. When we feel no pressure we can come up with something more beautiful. And if not you can always create something another day. It's only the 1/08. There are still 2 months Smile I also find it helpful listening to other songs and reading the lyrics. There is so much inspiration and support on this site. It helps. Hope you soon come back to songwriting in a new wave, smiling Smile

Too little time and energy to leave thoughtful, engaged comments. Too many scruples to leave generic, perfunctory ones.

Nobody's fault but my own.

corinne, that muse will return to you, maybe you need to just recharge for a while, I totally 'get' it, and go thru periods of that myself as well. (and yeah, its hard not to be burned out with the last five years, right?)

hang in there!

for me, this 5090 seems to go in waves, i'll get alot done in a few days, then go a week or so with nothing, then a flurry of activity again, tho of course lately i'm feeling like im a little out of ideas again...!

Give yourself permission to take care of yourself. If music isn't refilling your cup then do whatever it is that will.

I am echoing what’s been said. It’s been an unusual time in history. Do what you need to regenerate. You have everything you need inside of you Corrine.

I hear ya and hang in there @corinne54 . I hope that the desire to write returns for you.

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I've often found if I have all the time I'll just procrastinate, and will usually get less done than if pressed even if its just an arbitrary pressing myself thing like a skirmish/etc. If not feeling it though you're just not feeling it I've never been happy with anything I've ever "forced" Best of luck @corinne54 and anyone else feeling similar ways.

It does seem like community participation is down this year and I totally get it. Leave it to me to be different, but I was more lethargic last year. This year I’m doing more than I’d planned, I think because it’s giving my day purpose. I’m not sleeping well so I get up and create music instead

We've all been there, I skip every other year or every few years, or only post a few songs. Don't be too hard on yourself. Next year might bring new inspiration!

It certainly seems a lot less active than FAWM this year, that's for sure.

it is depressing how dead it has been around here. i spend so much time just waiting for someone to post a song. i dont believe in muses or inspirations. i believe that songs are manufactured by the brain as reality is interpreted through our senses. trouble is, there is so little reality left to engage with. for 17 months ive been housebound. my resource now is dreamworld, where thousands of songs drift through the universal consciousness. that is my current land of plunder, there are enough songs down there for everyone to find their fifty, so get down there and dig.

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If you feel like you want to write but can't get around to doing it...

Allow yourself to write just some crap.

Play I-IV-V and replace words with "tralalalala"

Thanks for your responses and suggestions everyone. I really appreciate them. I'll hopefully break out of this funk and write a few more songs before October 1 rolls around!

Just wait when those plants grow... Sometime round rocktober

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@billwhite51 - believe me; I have a few demos that I've started but my work-load and a mood of "what's the use?" are competing in my creative space. I'm going to dig and dig and hopefully be able to produce. Smile

Know what you mean, @billwhite51. Song uploads are pretty quiet! Thus year I’m doing far more than I ever thought possible but it’s a downer when, overall, the energy is so low. After last year I think people are burned out.

I'm just giving myself permission to make instrumental sketches this year.

nothing ambitious.

nothing complete.

nothing even structured, per se.

nothing i intend to turn into a finished product, really.

just tinkering and playing and learning. mostly DAW-less with hardware instruments direct to a 2-track recorder.

that's just the space i'm in right now.

I would like to get back to "feeling it". I NEED to get back to 'feeling it'. But with a combination of being quarantined/isolated (it does get on the nerves eventually), external concerns with where our moderate retirement income comes from, daughters continuing disaster scenarios unfolding (bushfires wiping the summer alpine season and threatening everything burning to the ground, COVID wiping out the winter season, bushfire threats again, CoVID wiping out part of the summer season, COVID now wiping out the winter high season, is it any wonder she's taken to selling gin on line...) AND trying to edit 180 pages of lead sheets as a consequence of unwise stretch goals in Kickstarter...I've even stopped feelign guilty about the pile of Other People's Lyrics waiting expectantly. I was going to say September will be better but looks like I will be desperately renovating flats at Pt Augusta, again...I try not to read newspapers or listen to the news now...

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I hear you all...I'm not over ambitious myself. I have never set targets for writing cos it is often a spontaneous thing.
BUT........... I do have an idea that may help. I wrote a song a few years back based on a local painting...a Christmas seen.

So lets us all look /search books or the internet for a pic/painting etc that really catches your eye and write some lyrics/song based on the image that the pic can conjured up.
For example...a waterfalls...white refreshing cascading water
Van Gogh's painting the ''Irises''
cats playing

or maybe something super unique about our local area that is "framed' by your window.. sand dunes, large pines, rock formations
You get the idea.

I am finishing off a song about the parries (based on a conversation i had) and hell I have never been there.. -:)