Just FYI - Taking my songs off soundcloud

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Probably doesn't matter much as people seem to be done with 50/90 stuff outside of Rocktober, but I'll be taking a lot of my stuff off soundcloud.
As most know, soundcloud has a variety of issues that annoy most of us that post there...and I think I've had enough.
So I will be moving the majority of my 50/90 songs to Bandcamp...in case anybody goes back and says to themselves "Hey, I wanna hear that one song by splittybooms..." Smile
I'm just mentioning it here because I had an instance on the FAWM site where someone was trying to listen to my stuff, but all the songs had been made private by then and they couldn't listen.
So...yeah Smile

I thoroughly enjoyed your music this year. And Bandcamp works just as easily as soundcloud. Thanks for letting us know. Is the bandcamp account splittybooms or should we have a secret code word to search for?

Thanks for letting us know, i've been taking some offline as well as I don't pay for my soundcloud pro outside the 50/90 months usually, so I have a limited number of songs I can keep posted.

@tcelliott thanks man! Yeah, the name is just splittybooms on Bancamp.
@Peter Arvidson I've been a pro member for a couple years now and it has been useful, particularly lately as I've been getting bogus plays from these "pay for plays" sites - it lets me see exactly what sites are doing it. But yeah, its time to let soundcloud go.