Just 2 Weeks Left - Who Is Still Here?

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It has gotten pretty quiet around here but I am curious to know who is planning to write more songs over the next two weeks? I am gonna try and listen to songs by everyone posting on this thread and maybe get 2 or 3 more written before October 1 rolls around and we close up 50/90 for another 9 months! Who's with me?

I'll try to get another song or two written before the end of the month, but this has been a particularly poor year from me as far as quantity goes. Quality-wise things are looking better - I've got a few songs written this year that I really like.

i'm only one song off from writing one a day until the end and hitting my personal goal of 100 songs, figuring lyrics-only as a half-song. i'm trying to get there, but it is getting harder to keep commenting up as we get busier at work and i'm getting only one day off a week instead of two. i owe weeks worth of comments, but i will get everyone back! just need time for a marathon listening session.

I'm here, no goal to complete 50 from the very start of the challenge as I've done it all the years before. Just happy to create, collaborate and listen and comment.
Happy Sunday Smile

Totally here! Good to know who else is here too!

Got less time since my work started two weeks ago, but I got some collabs to do and I will return every comment by the end of September or sooner. The last two weeks have always been a slow period for me.

And still very open to collabs on any song where I have posted lyrics or lyrics with rough melody idea where there is no other collaborator listed!

Yep...still here, still writing, still posting, still working on a few collabs - I will get them done, I promise, just gonna take me a bit... Smile but I'm still here, trying to comment when I can, Putting together a CD, and my band is prepping for a concert at a Con....busy busy.

Still here, staring at my pile of unposted song starts, commenting, finishing a few collabs and one corpse. I feel one or two songwriting binges coming up.

I'm still here. 8 more to go. This is the only time I'll be aiming for 50, so dammit all to the River Stix, I'm in it till the end!

Still here. Already met and passed all my personal goals but still kickin' around.

Still here, commenting when I can and hoping to get a couple more songs done.

I'm still here, though more so during the very last week than the one upcoming due to a heavy schedule. I want to finish my morph song which is in the works, hopefully a couple of skirmishes, and catch up on some listening and commenting, which will put me over 300, which will be a first for me.

Still here - Since getting to 50, I've been recording solo banjo pieces, and I'll do a few more. And I'll continue to reciprocate comments and comment on songs by those who are still around.

I have just gotten back from summer travels, and my computer, after dealing with major crash , is back.
I would like to try to get a few songs in...if anyone wants to do a collab....send me a message!

I'm still here ... hopefully I can squeak out another song or two ... I've never come close to making 50 ... But I always gain so much confidence and inspiration during 50/90 ... I definitely plan on listening to as many as possible over the next two weeks ... cheers everyone!

My commenting has tailed off some because of my work scedule, but I'm still here, still recording stuff, and I have a number of collabs in the pipeline too.

Oh sure I'll come up with a couple more, hopefully Smile

I'll try really hard to find the time and energy to at least finish the two collabs I have started on,

I think I'm about done for lyrics. Waiting on a few collabs now. If I had one more, I could put together another album before FAWM begins.

Yep, still around and there is some more to come Smile

I'll write as I feel inspired. Some free time this afternoon, so see how it goes.

I'm on holiday this week, but I've got a couple of lyrics written that I'm hoping I'll still have time to turn into songs, and some corpses and four-track tapes out in the world somewhere that I'm hoping will get finished before the end of the month. Could be a busy final week!

Still here. Hit my personal target and stopped posting in order to start calling round to listen and comment. I love everything I've heard so far! And if I haven't dropped in on you yet, bear with me. I'll be there soon. Smile

I'm having a harder time getting "alone time" to record, so decided to focus on lyric more for this final week. I have more ideas that are begging to be born. I'll spend more time reading/listening/commenting too! If I can sneak away I'll get more music up, but it may need to wait.

I'm in. I only have five more to get to the finish line!!! I've started writing my week 12 song and I have a couple more in the works.

I'm trying to re-start my engine. I'd like to get a few more done before the curtain falls.

i might do a few more... it seems i hit a sort of 'wall' and then boom... 6 or 7 weeks since the last song posted... anyway, it's been a great 5090... congrats to everyone all around!

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I hope to get a few more in, but life outside 50/90 sorta got crazy busy. Fell asleep with pen in hand trying to write lyrics the other night.

Still here! Still well short of 50 (about 27 at present, i think?) and probably won't get to 50 this time round.. was sidetracked a bit by taking the best of what i have done this past few months and turning it into a for-the-moment political album on Bandcamp (link at my home page here )... but hopefully i'll do one or two more before the end, and of course would love to hear more from you all, alot of great songs this year by so many people....

Still here..and still listening..a few songs in the works this week. Hoping to meet my (meagre) personal target of 10 now the kids are back to school. Good luck all Smile

Gotta fix my two cans and a string... -- iffasong effects me, : ) I'll be acommenting!

Still here, hoping I can finish a couple more songs before October, trying to listen and comment when I can.

I'm here, and probably good for a couple of more songs. 50/90 is usually a half-fast accomplishment for me.

I live my life half-fast, JamKar Smile

I'm here. I wasn't for the entire month of August and the start of September (and really the end of July). I started off like a ball of fire and then ran out of gas during week four or so. I picked it up again a couple of weeks ago and have managed to finish seven songs. I should be able to polish off at least four more before the clock runs out. I'm hoping for a couple more on top of that too, but it's not looking good right now.

I've got 6 left to write. I'm listening and have also noticed the quiet. I'm with you.

Still here. 6 to go! Looking to comment and get feedback.

Still here. First I was bummed and uninspired by being unemployed, then I got a job and was tired all day long from not having yet learned a decent circadian rhythm. But I am semi-determined to break my own record and finish 5 songs. I've still got time, dammit!

Still here - 59 songs, and I'll do one more for an even 60. 254 comments given, and working my way to 300. And I may do some Rocktober songs, too - I have a plan for what kinds of songs to cover, I think.