July MORPH 2 Lyric Challenge

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Similar to the Morph Recording Challenge (but with lyrics only) and goes like this:

Songwriter One posts a link in this thread to a seed song from the current 50/90 and posts a note to Songwriter Two in this thread and on their soundboard that it is Songwriter Two's turn.

Songwriter Two reads Songwriter One's song and changes approximately 50 percent of the lyric. Ideally each succeeding song is written in five days or less. Songwriter Two posts the song link with the tag #morph2, and in this thread. Then Songwriter Two sends a similar note in this thread and on their soundboard that it is Songwriter Three's turn.

Songwriter Three only reads Songwriter Two's song and does NOT read Songwriter One's song. Songwriter Three changes 50 percent of Songwriter Two's song, posts it and contacts songwriter Four.

Songwriter Four (and succeeding songwriters) only reads the prior songwriter's (in this case Songwriter Three) song in the chain and does NOT read any other previous songs in the chain, changes 50 percent of the prior song, posts it and contacts the next songwriter in the chain, and so on......

Typically at some point late in the game the seed songwriter can rejoin to finish the morph.

Who would like to play? Please note if you would like to offer a seed song. To avoid chain confusion if there is sufficient interest (ideal number is five to seven songwriters to a morph) there can be another lyric morph chain.

Place - Writer - Status
Songwriter One - TBA - seed song pending
Songwriter Two - @lowhum
Songwriter Three - @nateger
Songwriter Four - TBA
Songwriter Five - TBA

I'll be delighted to indulge in this shapeshifting!

This sounds fun! Sign me uppppp

@lowhum or @nateger thanks for joining and I have added you to the lineup!