July MORPH 1 Recording challenge

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The Morph songwriting Recording Challenge

Place - Writer - Status
Songwriter One (seed song) - @plainwhitetoast - http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/36766
Songwriter Two - @john crossman - http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/37694
Songwriter Three - @sunnymae - in progress
Songwriter Four - @kahlo2013
Songwriter Five - @nateger
Songwriter Six - @splittybooms
Songwriter Seven - @plainwhitetoast

For those of you unfamiliar with the challenge, it goes like this:

Songwriter One posts a link in this thread to a seed song recording from the current 50/90 and includes in the song posting (or relays supplemental information to Songwriter Two on their soundboard) musical information such as bpm, time signature, lyrics chords in the note that it is Songwriter Two's turn.

Songwriter Two listens to Songwriter One's song and changes approximately 50 percent of the song. Could be all different music with identical lyrics. Could be the exact same music with all different lyrics. Or, my favorite, it could be changes to both music and lyrics keeping approximately 50 percent. Ideally each succeeding song is written in five days or less. Songwriter Two posts the song with a tag #morph1 and link in this thread. Songwriter Two sends a note to Songwriter Three with music information and that it is their turn.

Songwriter Three only listens to Songwriter Two's song and does NOT listen to Songwriter One's song. Songwriter Three changes 50 percent of Songwriter Two's song, posts it and contacts songwriter Four.

Songwriter Four (and succeeding songwriters) only listens to the prior songwriter's (in this case Songwriter Three) song in the chain and does NOT listen to any other previous songs in the chain, changes 50 percent of the prior song, posts it and contacts the next songwriter in the chain, and so on......

Typically at some point late in the game the seed songwriter can rejoin to finish the morph.

To avoid chain confusion if there is sufficient interest (ideal number is five to seven songwriters to a morph) there can be another recording morph chain. Like to start around August 1 or when this chain nears completion, whichever comes first.

I would like to play.
If you don't get any seed song salespeople, I might offer one of my songs (probably "flicker"). There's probably better seed stock.

wow this sounds super fun...but I'm...kinda wanting to just see how it goes first. (read as: I'm a scaredy-cat) Lame, I know.
Maybe I'll jump in once I (insert non-existent road block here).

I like to morph.

Edits made to top post. I plugged myself in for the moment but will happily step aside if more peeps join in.

@splittybooms yes it is great fun. One of my favorite songwriting games. Send me a message on soundboard or post here if you have a question.

@john crossman you're up to morph the @plainwhitetoast song http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/36766

I'm in @AndyGetch

I could do one if you still need one!

I have added you to the lineup @sunnymae and @kahlo2013

Sign me upppppp!

With the addition of @nateger Morph 1 is now full. Everyone please post your songs and progress here. Especially if you get delayed or waylaid for any reason. For those who did not sign up in time, Morph 2 (for lyrics only) is also posted http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/july-morph-2-lyric-challenge .

I have started pondering my transmogrification....

This'll be fun!

Ok, finally moving forward on the #morph1 - here's my entry: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/37694
@sunnymae is up next!

Great @johncrossman I'm slammed through the weekend but will get it around Sunday or Monday. Looking forward to following you once again :0)