July Kaiju Exquisite Corpse

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As discussed in my older thread (http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/return-revenge-kaiju-exquisite-corpses), I am running monthly Kaiju Exquisite Corpses this 50/90.

This is the July Kaiju Corpse.

Usual exquisite corpse rules apply:
1-2 minutes of music
complete your part in 2-3 days or less (if it will be much longer, pass to the next person and go later in the queue)
send last 10 seconds or so to the next person and full piece to stitcher (me)
don't post your piece as a stand-alone until after the full corpse is posted

Send links or files to my email via the contact link on my profile. Thank you.

Many people want to participate, so please be honest with yourself about time constraints. If it is your turn and you know you won't be able to work on it for more than a day or two, please pass the 10 seconds to the next person and asked to be moved later in the queue.

When the person on deck finishes, post here so the next ready person can call "next" (see example of Dragondreams and Kraftec passing the baton in the first several comments).

01 Dragondreams - done
02 Kraftec - done (need file)
03 airbagtester - done (need file)
04 JamKar - done
05 Mt.Mélodie - done
06 sph - done
07 squeakmouse73 - done
08 marvsmooth - done
09 hazeyjohnii - done
10 izaak - done
12 plainwhitetoast <<< it

I'm in. I'll go first too if that's okay?

Go for it, @Dragondreams!

On its way, Tom - I started work on a minute of music anyway, just in case. Wink I'll email you with a link to the full version.

Who wants the last ten seconds of my bit? Biggrin

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How long does one of these last? Meaning, how many participants before the Kaiju is considered complete?

I'll go next if you dont mind Smile

I'll send the link to you within the next ten minutes. Smile

Craig, this one has a time limit of the end of July, so the number of participants will be down to how fast each of us can turn round our parts.

I have my part ready to be sent to whoever is next Smile

Wow, you folks are quick! I like it.

@cts exactly as Dragondreams said. I am running one that covers all of 50/90 and three more (including this one), each spanning one month of the challenge

I can go after @Kraftec

I am in, up, down for whatever.

Ready to join up.

@airbagtester Ive sent you my last 10 seconds Smile

@Kraftec Got it, thanks!

Okay, who wants to write off of the last 10 seconds of my minute? (There are words in it this time I promise Biggrin .)

I can do it Eric.

Okay; last 10 seconds sent to @JamKar

@JamKar I can pick up after you.

May I follow @Mt.Mélodie?

10 sec. ready to go to @Mt.Mélodie

@JamKar have you sent the file? Haven't recieved anything yet.

I sent you an email through this site. Can you return it to me and I will attach it?

I sent email last night did you check spam folder?

Sheesh! I see your email came today in MY spam folder!
10 sec. Sent @Mt.Mélodie

Thanks @JamKar, I got your 10sec now.

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@plainwhitetoast Time left to participate? Then add me to the list.

10 sec sent to @hazeyjohnii

@plainwhitetoast @Mt.Mélodie Got it, thanks. Can't work on this tonight but will get to it tomorrow. And send on to @sph?

I'd like to participate, please, if there's room. I remember seeing these during FAWM and wondering why I didn't play along.

Marv's in the house *waves*

Hi y'all

Hi @plainwhitetoast @sph @Mt.Mélodie, I'm sorry but I have fallen sick and don't know when I will be able to get to this. I have passed @Mt.Mélodie's 10 seconds to @sph. I would still like to take part later - please could you bump me to the bottom of the list? Many apologies.

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Got the link with the 10 seconds of @Mt.Mélodie from @hazeyjohnii. I'll work on it in the evening - parallel to preparing a birthday cake for tomorrow. Let's see how this influences each other Smile

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10 seconds sent to @squeakmouse73

@sph, got it. Hoping to have it done for you by the end of tomorrow, although I wish I had the equipment to make it sound like what I'm hearing in my head.

You can throw me in where ever.

If it gets to me very soon, then I might be able to do it in the professional studio tomorrow!

@marvsmooth Check your email. Gotcha, my friend. Smile

@plainwhitetoast, sent you yours as well.

@squeakmouse73 - thank you Smile

\No prob.

@pipewrench67 - check your e-mail, Paul Smile

@plainwhitetoast - sent these to you, Tom Smile

I see it. I'll try to get to it some this weekend.

@pipewrench67 - as I said, I've left a lot of the percussion (clapsticks, finger cymbals, finger snaps, and t-shirt rubbing) and didgeridoo on the ending for you just in case you want any of it Smile

Hey all, I can pick up a slot during the next two weeks. I'll keep checking back, but mention me if we need someone to fill in on short notice!

This seems to be languishing since last week. @pipewrench67 are you on this in the next soon-time or should we pass the baton to someone else?

Also, @Kraftec and @airbagtester - please send me your full pieces.

I can take this this on now if we don't hear from @pipewrench67.

At this point, it has been over a week. I'm going to call it a default in lieu of communication.
@hazeyjohnii please do pick up from @marvsmooth, unless @pipewrench67 turns up with a finished piece before you can make the transaction.

OK, @marvsmooth please can you send me your piece?

Is there another one of these starting in August? I'd defnitely be up for it if so.