It's One Hit Wonder Day..., and?

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It's One Hit Wonder Day..., and?

Well, possibly a one-hit wonder... (kinda seems like it as I define it) -- what came to mind, --she's still around played on Jools Holland a while back:

Rickie Lee Jones - Chuck E's In Love (1979)

When I was a "teen", no charlies angles for me, no, my "dream girls" looked like Rickie here... -- they couldn't just look good, they had to walk, talk, have something special about'em. I married late in life, Wink

Kinda weird mix coming from my "Radio", Rickie, Zep, Hendrix, Joni... CSNY... hahhh... Grand Funk Railroad!!! Weird kid aye?! Crazy -- still!

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Shameless self-promotion: Who wants one-hit-wonders when you can have the "king of none-hit-wonderness"?

And concerning Rickie Lee Jones, my introduction to her was a bit later with her "Pop Pop" album. But that first album is still a real classic.

And concerning one hit wonders: Jona Lewie with "Stop the cavalry"

I had never heard the Jona Lewie song til now. And I loved the Rickie Lee Jones song when it came out. I knew she had kept on making music, but no more hits.

I was in high school at the dawn of the MTV age - so many one hit wonders! But I think some of them had hits elsewhere, just not in the US. Big Country, A Ha, Tommy Tutone, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Nena ... a pretty long list.

ustaknow rickie lee was an invisible presence o te wait entourage. since she written ths song about chuck, although it wasnt really about chuck becaue he was never in love with her, so she was frequently referenced, but rarely around. a they pickd up her demo tape, released it, and sent her out on a tour she was not ready for...the only tme i met her was the day i went over to visit with waits, and he wasnt there. she had taken over the apartment and told me he had gone to new yrk to act n the movie wolfen......i never saw him again after . he got married and cut tes wiith everybody.

"Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles always comes to mind when I think one-hit wonders - probably had some other minor hits in some countries, but that's such a great song to have not managed something else reasonable (technically she had a few scrape into the UK top 100; bit of a come down from BV's number 2)

For a true one-hit-wonder I'll offer up "Pump Up the Volume" by M/A/R/R/S - one of *the* great club records.

Fun side fact....this lunatic stalked me briefly in the 90's. I was NOT interested and had to request him to leave me alone. He was arrested a few years ago after being pulled over and tossing crack out his car window.

@atitlan Alannah Myles had a stack of hits in Canada, but def a 1-hit wonder elsewhere.

Here's my contribution: Kathy Troccoli's pop song "Everything Changes". Her only chart hit.

Firefall - You Are The Woman
Soft-rock one-hit wonder from my hometown - I used to babysit the lead guitarist's son.

Since the day is closing, "one hit wonder day", today, -- thought to post this Smile

-- September is Piano MONTH and tomorrow is "Love Note Day" among other... Crazy it's a wonderful month!

But, concerning FAWM:

11 February is GET OUT YOUR GUITAR DAY! So, derUgo Crazy

@sph Jona Lewie was a two-hit wonder in the UK, I really like the other one too:

It may not be one-hit-wonder day any more but I'll throw out White Town:

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@Vom Vorton you're right. How could I forget this gem? Great choreography as well... Maybe something for Rocktober? Just kidding

@sph you may be kidding but... that's actually quite tempting!

Thanks for sharing that Jona Lewie song, @vomvorton . That song, 'You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties' really brightened my day. Just great!

You're welcome! It's a fun tune for sure.