Is It Better to use SoundCloud or my Own Hosting?

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For both 50/90 and FAWM I have always used my own hosting to post my songs. At FAWM I believe posting using SoundCloud causes the listener to jump offsite which I do not like. But here it seems that a SoundCloud link embeds a player on the page and no offsite jump is required.

I would like to track listens via my SoundCloud account which I could do if I used that instead of my own hosting (and yes, I know I could track listens on my own hosting but I'd have to set it up.)

Is there any reason not to use SOundCloud for my songs? Any benefits I would miss out on as opposed to using my own hosting?

@Eric Distad are there any technical advantages/disadvantages to using SoundCloud vs. my own hosting?

i will personally tell you that i liked my soundcloud hosting for my end of 50/90 album a few years ago. i could tell it was getting dozen of hits daily when it was not garnering comment one for days. it was very instructive.

thanks @tsunamidaily! I was thinking the same thing...maybe getting some feedback like that would be nice!

Hmmm, seems the feedback I wouldn't want...... "Dozens of hits, but no first comment for days"..... lol. Probably the reason I don't use my soundcloud account for these challenges, Wink Nothing like seeing 60 plays on your soundcloud and 1 comment on 5090/FAWM..... Using Soundcloud for the intention of tracking hits seems to fall into that whole "how do I get more comments" discussion that surfaces periodically. But I totally understand if you are into that.
On the technical side as a listener, it really doesn't matter because fortunately Soundcloud integrates so nicely into the 5090 site. And, I kind of like seeing the various artwork/pictures that artists use for their songs on Soundcloud. Pretty cool!

There are different types of "listens." Other than the social features that SoundCloud provides on-site, they just provide a simple single-state "listen."

As song analytics go, it is super weak. It's basically just what you can easily get from your own server.

Compare it with what Bandcamp provides for free, where song access is broken down between "partial", "complete", and "skipped" and you'll see what I mean.

A "listen" on SoundCloud could mean that someone was listening to a song by another musician and SoundCloud's algorithm decided to make your song next. Depending on how both of you tag the songs and how meaningful SoundCloud's computer ears are, you could be a really bad fit. I know I've stopped all songs dead when automatic next-songs come on. However, each of these likely counted as a "listen" to the musician.

Also: SoundCloud links don't work with the Jukebox. They're skipped. It means that if you use SoundCloud to try to track listens, you may be tracking SoundCloud listens -- those of people not actually interested in your songs -- and not actual 50/90 listens of people who actually want to hear and comment on your songs.

Do you want numbers, or do you want meaningful feedback? SoundCloud gets you numbers, but they're basically useless because you don't even know how many of those "listens" bothered to listen to more than the first two seconds of the song. If you want meaningful feedback, the listen count is garbage as the number isn't even meaningful.

Even on SoundCloud you should be counting comments and not listens.

Soundcloud will auto play a random (okay, slightly random) song after the song you are listening to if you travel to the site. I almost always click it off because I'm formulating a comment or am in 50/90 (or FAWM) listening mode, not some random guy on soundcloud listening mode. It still registers a listen even though it was 4 seconds at most.

@johnstaples - using your own hosting (I.e. direct mp3 of some sort) will get the song into the Jukebox. I don't believe that Soundcloud hosted songs will work in the Jukebox. Other than that, there isn't any major technical differences that I can think of.

I moved to Dropbox (for free) a few years ago and have never heard of any problems with my audio not playing. They actually support streaming audio. If you don't know what that means it is the ability for the jukebox to play your song or not. Soundcloud, as Eric mentioned does not work with the jukebox. It works with the website because the html code had gotten embedded (genius). Otherwise, you would need to go to soundcloud to hear the audio. Also, I don't think you can download soundcloud audio, can you? I have tools that can rip any audio but most people would need a download link, and uh, where is the link? After saying that I assure you that I have zero interest in ripping audio. The ability to download protected audio is insignificant next to the power of the force.