Ireland anyone ?

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Is there anyone else living in Ireland doing 50/90 this year ?

Hiiii Mandy. Good to see you here! X

Hi Jibbidy Smile You in Ireland ?

ps It's Amanda lol

No, not me, --but always wanted to visit. Almost got hired over there... that was interesting. I asked one question, that I think got me, out of consideration. Anyway, I just watched the other evening, ala binge style, a 4.5 hr documentary of the 1916 Easter Morning, Republic Declaration... wow, I wish we had better History classes here in the US Smile I just had many questions answered from when I was a kid watching the TV circa 1968 -ish... Anyway, if had not watched that, would not be posting now... --sorry for the distraction, just very impressed.

Thanks [@ustaknow] Smile The history is very interesting, and not always what folks think. Especially if you go back hundreds of years Smile

Not got any bites from others in Ireland though - surely I can't be the only one on 50/90 ??