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Folks -- as some of you may know, I hack iOS apps in my abundant spare time. Rather than getting vast riches by selling my amazing music on Bandcamp, I'm getting comparable vast riches by pushing apps through iTunes! This all started because of FAWM, so I've got a FAWMers Fly Free policy; if you're writing songs, you can have whatever I've got if you want it. The big thing I'm working on this year is Infinite Looper, a MIDI looper/sequencer app. Here's some promo codes (just chase the link in your iOS device, and it should download automagically). If the codes get used up, and you miss it, just drop me a note, and I'll get you a code directly! Rock on, friends! New russian

Thanks! I used the first code.

Thanks, looks interesting I'll try to use it to make at least one song during 50/90, I used the second code

This looks really interesting!! Thank you for letting us try it. I used the 4th one.

I think these three are still good to go (Apple lets me track which ones have been used).

After those get grabbed, I'll post some more!

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thanks.. just downloading now.. cool

Very generous of you. Looks worth climbing the (formidable?) learning curve!