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Right, here we go again! As many of you will know, i have a weekly show called Offbeat on local community radio station "Spanish Rock Shot Radio". I will be featuring many songs from 50/90 on the show during the summer and on into October (and i do occasionally play a track here and there the rest of the year too).

I've also been having featured artists doing exclusive sessions most weeks since March, and it would be nice to get some sessions from songwriters in this community on the show. During FAWM i intended to ask some FAWMers if they wanted to do a session and never got round to it for the most part, I'm afraid. The two or three i did ask basically said they are too busy. So let me know if you'd like to do a session, depending on if there is a deluge of interest, i'll try to fit you in. But either way, i'll be listening to 50/90 and playing new songs every week on the show regardless.

The show is on every Saturday at midday (BST) and then repeated on Sunday at 8pm and Monday at 9pm (also BST, natch).
Sites like this one do exist if you need to check when that is in your part of the world:

You can LISTEN to the show either at or by downloading the Spanish Rock Shot app, which is available for Android and Apple, and you can hear back episodes of the show in the podcast section of the website at
You can even do a search to find episodes that feature 50/90 songs from the past, though I'm not sure it actually brings up every relevant episode;

Also, i will post in this thread every week as i plan the episodes, tagging people to let them know i'll be playing them on the show.

So, remember to tune in, or listen to the podcast after the broadcast, and crucially, remember to TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS about the show, get everybody to tie a knot in their hankie, and remember to give their ears a treat!

Have a good 50/90, everyone! Smile

Sounds, great. I'll be listening and am happy to do a session.

@Calum Carlyle Looking forward to hearing what you play again this summer!

I do listen and enjoy the podcasts, and applause for your continuing this ! But oh! that timeslot for live listening! 4:30AM in cold and wet mid-winter Mt Barker!! There are drawbacks to living in the Antipodes!

Great stuff @Calum Carlyle. Looking forward to hearing the results!

See You In The Shadows…

@Tim Fatchen, yes i know what you mean. It's not ideal for the West of America either, but the idea with the repeats was that hopefully the different times would offer people round the world a chance to tune in, but really they all go up to the podcast section of the website the following week anyway, when you can listen at your leisure.

@ustaknow, i am really not sure what you mean by "surprised to read you describe that like that", but i hope i haven't offended you in some way!

This Saturday is obviously the day BEFORE 50/90 so it won't be till the following week that i roll up my sleeves properly for the new stuff, but i did find a track by @Ferry Colyer from last year in my "to be played" folder that i don't think i actually did play last year, so i'll give that a spin this Saturday in advance of the challenge actually starting.

Thanks all for the kind words and hope you enjoy the show/s!
And of course the 50/90, because i wouldn't be able to do 50/90 specials on the show without all of you writing the songs!

Calum, as I emailed you, yes, I'm in! probably will take about two weeks or so to get something sorted out... will be in touch! (and giving this thread a bump too)

I still want to record a session but I keep being too busy, sorry.

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I am going to check this out...sounds interesting.

Okay, so this week's show is on very shortly (at 12 BST). This week, I'll be playing stuff from @Candle, @katpiercemusic, @Johnny Cashpoint, @headfirstonly, @gerrybhoy, @ant lion and @colgoo. I would have played more stuff but i've not had as much time to listen to the site as i had hoped. Next week I'll be playing more 5090 songs than just seven, and also featuring a session from @gerrybhoy

Thats the repeat just coming on now. 8pm BST on sundays, and 9pm on Mondays.

Just a wee bump!

Oh….I am so honored that you would choose to highlight one of my songs! Thank you! I wish I had known about this earlier. It sounds really awesome!

Okay, so last week's episode is now up in the podcast section, featuring
@Candle, @katpiercemusic, @Johnny Cashpoint, @headfirstonly, @gerrybhoy, @ant lion and @colgoo:

And on this weekend's show, I'll be playing newly written songs from @Kurtis Kanttila, @Amanda West, @levesinet, @daveyboy103, @Jibbidy34, @cola, @ustaknow, @splittybooms, @headfirstonly, @matthijs, @expendable friend, @tcelliott, @dzd, @Arthur Rossi, @coolparadiso, @Chip Withrow, @Candle, @Fuzzy, as well as a session from @gerrybhoy! Tie a knot in your hankie and remember to give your ears a treat on

Me again? Wow, I'm honoured! Thank you so much @Calum Carlyle. Looking forward to the next show. There's some great names in that list (not mine, of course - I'm not one o'the greats Wink )

See You In The Shadows…

Hmm, I wonder which song.
If "Assis sur un banc au Nord de la France" (with Arthur Rossi's lyrics) is on the playlist, then you can see here, documented in the comment section, the first steps I took in creating the music.

Burt Bacharach was once asked point blank if he used this technique but he didn't confess. Basically he said he hears the music in his head and doesn't need it as a first phase.

Actually I've used the same approach in all my songs this year where lyrics needed music. In the case of "Tea and macarons" (with cola's lyrics) it is a bit less obvious because of the syncopated bossa nova rhythm that gives more liberty to phrasing (than e.g. a waltz that is rhythmically more deterministic).

So, while reading and re-reading the lyrics that need music, first identify likely stressed beats with syllables that are naturally emphasized and stretched. Annotate the lyrics with bar lines.
Then aided with those bar lines, begin to imagine the melody line and chord progression. What kind of a meter and rhythm would work the best. With the aid of a keyboard, a guitar, or a piano roll view of a DAW, begin to write the notes down.
Shift bar lines according to the chord progressions and the overall structure.

Really beautiful job with your radio show today (morning, my time…I’m five hours behind you!) Nice to wake up to such beautiful music this morning.

Woohoo I'm honoured Calum ! And I haven't forgotten your email either !!

Hi all, on the show tomorrow (24 July) i'll be playing songs by @Panch, @Hypnotist, @squeakmouse73, @metalfoot, @Nahlej381, @Jerry Pettit, @Peter Arvidson, @McTown, @Purple Catfish Bro, @Roddy, @StevieJ and @AndyGetch. I feel kind of guilty though as I didn't get the chance to listen to nearly as many new songs as i wanted for consideration. Well, it is a work in progress! thanks for tuning in, and for writing all the songs! at midday BST on Saturday, repeated 8pm Sunday/9pm Monday also BST.

It's that time of week again, less than twelve hours till Offbeat episode 110, and this week I'll be playing songs from @Tim Fatchen,, @Sarah.Sötemann, @metalfoot, @cts, @gregwere, @richaaaay, @coreystewart, @wacha, @allaboutgeorge and @cindyrella as well as an exclusive session from Edinburgh based songwriter Jack Hinks.

Tune in at noon (BST) on or use the Spanish Rock Shot app!

I do wonder though if putting in the time for the show is taking me away from writing songs, so far none written yet here, though other factors might be at play as well.

Just a bump to say the show's just started btw.

This week, @mikehex, @expendable friend, @NuJ4X, @Fuzzy, @Wackamoose, @philmcmill, and @Candle will all be getting a look-in on the offbeat show, so tune in at noon on saturday on or using the Spanish Rock Shot app!

Looking forward to it! Thank you again for the airplay, it means a lot to me.

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Thank you [Calum...Much appreciated..We're in lockdown 1000km from home (again. Deja vu. Sigh) and without studio or most gear, so I'm badly out of touch.

Thanks Calum for including me in your show, still trying to work out how to listen but I'll get there. Cheers Greg Were

This week on the show, i'll be playing fresh songs by @dzd, @Chip Withrow, @Alyssa Pascal, @Stephen Wordsmith, @lowhum, @tjeff, @littlespiral, @Wackamoose, @jeustan and of course an exclusive session from @Candle!

Also, the previous two episodes of the show are now available at

so those two recent episodes (110 and 111) include songs from @Tim Fatchen, @Sarah.Sötemann, @cts, @gregwere, @richaaaay, @coreystewart, @wacha, @allaboutgeorge, @cindyrella, @Panch, @Hypnotist, @squeakmouse73, @metalfoot, @Nahlej381, @Jerry Pettit, @Peter Arvidson, @McTown, @Purple Catfish Bro, @Roddy, @StevieJ and @AndyGetch. Phew!

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@gregwere I never do catch them live, but that link posted just above goes to all the archived ones. It's a good show even the non-50/90 ones. Wide range of good music with minimal banter, and the banter is entertaining too. @Calum Carlyle practices the somewhat diminishing art of being an actual DJ, and thanks Calum, been looking forward to the one with @Candle

Caught the repeat tonight, listened to the whole show. Thanks for putting me on after the bonzo dogs!

Just starting right now the Offbeat Repeat starring Candle on so tune in if it's now for you too! Smile

Sounding great!!! Thank you for including me Smile

So that's episode 112 starring Candle now available to listen to in the podcast section, here's the podcast link:

And if you click "podcasts" and then "offbeat" on the site there you get a list of the other recent episodes too.

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@Calum Carlyle Thanks I tuned in late when it aired. Missed all of Candle's stuff, tuned in right when the last one was wrapping up.

I enjoyed the podcast. The only problem is that I don't "get credit" for commenting on the songs I listened to. Now I'm going to have to listen again so I can leave a comments Smile

@Calum Carlyle;
Just listened to episode 108.
I love the intro music!
You've chosen some great music there!
Thanx for the play!

Thanks for playing 'Someone I Once knew' on your show. I really like your banter on the show, very relaxed and personable and I love the coincidence you mention on the show about 'Greg' your head teacher. I like using coincidence as a guide to what I do with songs - so I will definitely progress this on to one of my albums. Cheers Greg

Hey @Calum Carlyle, I have to thank you again for asking me to do a session for Offbeat. I am still deeply humbled by this opportunity. As well, I also want to thank you for your amazing support of this community by promoting all these great songwriters on your show. Keep up the great work!

See You In The Shadows…

You're very welcome, @Candle, thanks for doing the session, i really enjoyed it.

The show's on just now by the way, sorry i never gave you more notice, but never mind, I'll upload it as a podcast in the next couple of days and also it'll be repeated tomorrow and Monday evening so tune in at!
I've just played @msculli1, @Serene and @expendable friend, and of course it's @Roddy in session this week! Plus i'm going to play 50/90 tracks by @wobbie wobbit, @improvyssey, @coolparadiso and @dzd too, dzd I'll try to remember to play your song near the end of the show so you don't miss it! Wink

ooh thanks Smile

Thx mate

Here's the podcast link for today's episode, do feel free to share it widely, and please note the second half of the session from @Roddy will be on next week's show, so do tie a knot in your hankie so you remember to tune in!

Oh yeah!

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@Calum Carlyle Too late....... maybe I'll catch the replay Biggrin Thanks for making these downloadable too though btw, my internet is spotty where most my actual stereo stuff is setup. I just finished listening to last weeks yesterday. This should be another great session with @Roddy I'm enjoying that new? feature.

edit: must of been typing when you posted the above, thanks!

Right well the show is on right now, sorry but the second half of @Roddy's session is now finished, but next i'll be playing some of my own songs (by request) including a co-write i did with @Donna Devine many years ago. Tune in using the Spanish Rock shot app, or at

If you missed Roddy's session part two, then do tune in to the repeat tomorrow or Monday, and i will be uploading it to the podcast section right after the show as well, so click here to hear it:

Okay, i am finally doing my playlist for the show earlier than the absolute last minute! This weekend's show will feature 5090 songs from @Chip Withrow, @SeanC35, @johnstaples, @levesinet, @aesthetic72, @Susan Cantey, @cindyrella, @Joanne Gabriel, @unpronounceable, @amelea, @sph, @geronimodeleon, @Roddy, @hmorg, @Nahlej381, @paulotteson, @Mister Mann, @ampersandman, @Jibbidy34 and @pfoo as well as an exclusive session from Edinburgh performer Conscious Route, so tune in at noon (BST on Saturday) for all of that, or the repeat (8pm BST on Sunday or 9pm BST on Monday) and in the meantime have a listen to the back episodes in the podcast section of PHEW!

And WHO KNOWS, maybe what you hear will give you some sort of inspiration to write your next song!
Also, can i just take a moment to say well done to everybody who is still going at this stage, as well as to anybody that has got up to or close to 50 songs, that's no mean feat! Nonetheless writing just one or two songs is an enormous success too, and quite a few of the songwriters i'm playing this week and next have only written a couple actually, so it should be quite a varied show.

(Just a wee bump, those of you who fancy a lunchtime break from the songwriting why not tune in to offbeat at noon (BST) on Smile

@Calum Carlyle. I tuned in, it was a very interesting show. I liked the interview and music by Conscious Route in particular.

Thanks @Roddy, much appreciated.

And another wee bump to say the repeat is on in about an hour from now. You should all tune in after a solid weekend of writing songs!

Okay, last week's show (which included tracks from @Candle, @plainwhitetoast, @Eric Distad and @JWHanberry) is now up in the podcast section of the show, and this week's show, which starts in about two hours from now, will be featuring @the pannacotta army, @fluidvolt, @tamsnumber4, @elesimo, @mike skliar, @PeteMurphy, @Stephen Wordsmith, @Fuzzy, @looprication, @matthijs & @Marije, @see-man-ski, @metalfoot and @alyxanderjames!!!

So tune in and give your ears a treat at

Also, well done to anybody who is still standing at this point in the challenge!

Thanks Calum , I’ll try to tune in (I assume I can tune in later and it’s archived?)

@Calum Carlyle, I just caught on now that you played one of my songs -- thank you SO much! :). Loved your commentary about 'smol'. It's sort of a younger generation's adorable slang for tiny. Great show!

Well, i didn't play much from 50/90 today on the show, but you can hear it now in the podcast section of the website*, i did squeeze in songs from @colgoo and @tamsnumber4/@crisp1 though, and i hope to be dedicating the majority of the show's airtime to 5090 stuff during October if i can make some time to listen to the site, and hopefully YOU will be able to tune in now you won't be frantically writing songs!

* - Oh yeah!

Okay, so now everybody has stopped writing songs, you will no doubt have time to tune in to the show in a couple of hours (at midday BST) on or using the Spanish Rock Shot Radio app! Smile

This week on the show, i'll play some stuff by @Marije, @elesimo, @standup, @pfoo, @wobbie wobbit, @ElaineDiMasi, @tcelliott, @burrsettles, @nancyrost, @davidtaro, @corinne54, @gregwere, @LyricSlinger, @thelowestbitter, @McTown, @daveyboy103, @Vom Vorton and @jcollins!

@Calum Carlyle, sorry I’m so damn slow to pick up on things on the forum, but thank you in advance and I’ll make sure to tune in shortly!