Interested in an August Superskirmish?

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UPDATE: This will be held NEXT WEEKEND (August 27-28). I'll have the forum thread for time slots up in a day or two. Thanks for the input!!

Hey, folks! Before I commit to planning one, I wanted to see if there was any interest in a superskirmish either this upcoming weekend (August 20-21) OR next weekend (August 27-28).

If you're interested in participating, PLEASE RESPOND WITH WHICH WEEKEND YOU PREFER. Thanks!

Interested, thank you for organizing it. I don't mind which weekend, happy with both Smile

I prefer the second weekend as I have company this weekend.

Yes plz! Also voting 2nd weekend.

I would try and join in for a couple but can't commit to hosting any. Either weekend works for me.

The first weekend works better for me but I should be able to pop in either way.

First is better for me.

Either weekend (well any really since....... Dash 1 ) works for me. Thanks for taking the initiative!

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Either works for me too, and would be interested. I was also feeling it was about time for another superskirmish Biggrin

yep i would be up for this.

I would certainly try to do a few, either weekend!

What is a superskirmish? Sounds interesting. I am unavailable this weekend, but next weekend works.

@AndreaB a superskirmish is a skirmish every two hours over the course of 2 days (roughly noon to noon if you're on the Pacific coast of the US). Different 50/90ers sign up to host skirmish time slots so it's not all on one person.There's no need to participate in each skirmish and folks pop in and out as desired. @metalfoot organized one in July, so you can take a look at that post to get a better sense of how it worked.

I'm in as well, either weekend.

Thanks for your input, everyone! Based on the responses and some work/life matters that have shifted for me, I'm going to host this NEXT WEEKEND (August 27-28). I'll try to get the new thread posted in the next day or two so folks can sign up for their preferred hosting slots. I'm looking forward to this!

Thanks for the information. I think I will give it a try. Have a good day Smile

Woohoo! Hoping to host a slot! Smile

Thank you, @vivalarayna! Happy to participate! And @AndreaB I do hope you will join in! I think you will enjoy it!

Hey, folks! If you haven't yet seen, the official sign up thread for this is posted and we still have a few slots for those who wished to host. Going to give that thread a bump and open up the slots to those who may wish to double up.