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From MattP @ Yoobee School of Design in New Zealand: "Hey Greg, I have some students that are working on a interactive cyberpunk environment heavily inspired by Blade Runner & Akira. Do you have anyone who would be interested in helping us out with some cyberpunk synth music?"

"I think different pieces of looped music for the different areas would be best for us. The space that we are creating is made up of a Cafeteria / Food Court, Exterior City / Train Platforms, Interior bar and hall."

[screenshots will be posted for your inspiration]

Music from Akira by Geinoh Yamashirogumi:

Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis

What format?

I just asked him. Hope to have answer soon. I'm not sure which engine he's using.

Sorry. Should be .wav format.

I wouldn't mind working on it. What's the deadline?

I haven't got a deadline from Matt, yet. If you have something already made, that would be faster Smile Otherwise, do the best you can in a week or so?

Matt's deadline is Oct 25.