Inspirobot Challenge

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Go to
and find yourself an 'inspiring' slogan. Then write a song about it and post the link here, as well as tagging it #inspirobot.


Some of these are gold.
"You can arrange it so that a grown man gets torn apart by clowns".

@Fuzzy Personally, I'm working off of "Perfect sadness crumbles perfectly."


Here's a few good ones:

Contemplate these words of wisdom: «Survival shelter» is just
another term for «house of wax»

Take notice of how the thoughts in your head are letting go of
the ground.

Meditate on this insight: Before magic, comes the slaughter

Ooh, nice. I love Inspirobot.

"To some people, "cafe" means "survival shelter"."

"It's time we all start focusing a lot more on castrations".

"You shouldn't have to feel sorry about being lazy".
Well, that's a relief.

hahaha, I love that