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So... there's this great website called InspiroBot. that randomly generates "inspirational quotes". The goal here is to get inspired by one of these quotes to write a song about it. Then tag the result #inspirobot

Some of them are pretty awesome, and since there's a downloadable image with the "quote", you have something easy to use as a song cover. Wink

Take this gem, for example:
(The text on this image is: The two things you need in order to bathe in blood is a ghost and a second life.)


Love Inspirobot, mighty deliverer of mostly useless but often fun inspirational quotes.

Another gem
(Encouraging an ex to enslave an uncle is obviously just as encouraging for the uncle as it is for the ex)

"'Pregnant' actually means 'anarchist,'" with a moody black and white photo of a tombstone... now that's a politically fraught quote that I look forward to using for a song this year... Dirol

@yam655, great tool!

I imagine in a last line cause "reality shows can't disguise life" Biggrin

I'm happy to see this thread. I just logged in to start one on the subject of inspirobot. Smile

Just got "A husband is wisdom experiencing himself." I think this one may qualify for the "mug this" option for my anniversary,

"Sell your soul. It's never too late to escape."

"Killers become killers because they love people so much."

Love it.
"A fool can also be a revolutionary."

I kind of love this idea and will definitely be doing it.

I got my first lyric thanks to inspirobot!! Wooot! The quote was "Dress yourself as your lover" (a tad more somber than the bot's usual output).