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Hey all! I tend to have trouble finishing a tune if I've walked away from it for too long. There's a voice in the back of my head that says, "If you don't labor over an album of songs for months, then it's not a valid release," and I've been thinking about that recently, and how that doesn't need to be true at all, especially with the ease of releasing material these days. Here are some sources of personal inspiration for creating cohesive collections of music in short periods of time:

Trance Frendz — An evening with Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm - These two good friends serendipitously spent an entire night making music together. Initially released as this film, it's now out on vinyl as well. Some really great pieces performed on piano, pump organ, celeste, and beautiful (personally coveted) analog synthesizers.

Ólafur Arnalds - Living Room Songs - One of the fellas from above recorded and captured an EP of material in one week, posting videos every day. Some of the material was written beforehand, but he also wrote one song only a few hours before recording. (He's also currently visiting one of seven locations per-week in his homeland of Iceland, collaborating with local artists and releasing the results every Monday. Oh goodness, there's gonna be a new one today!)

Reggie Watts Tiny Desk Concert - I'm pretty sure almost all of Reggie Watts's material is improvised. This could be especially great for anybody participating in #3in10, because he basically writes three songs in 15 minutes in this video.

I admittedly enjoy the work of musicians more if I know even a little about them. So what about you? Have you got any interviews, performances, ways of thinking that inspire you that you can share with us?

This Trance Frendz thing is fantastic - I've loved stuff from each of these guys solo (especially Nils Frahm, who I could listen to all day) but I had no idea they'd worked together. It's both inspirational and a little baffling to see them conjuring such beautiful music up!

One of my favourite songwriters did an album a few years ago where he wrote and recorded a song every day in January (and made a video for each!) and kept the quality levels very high - that certainly felt like validation to me!