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One day I'll not be alone in this state.

... of course, I might need to wait until my oldest hits 13 first...

Just us two again?

Hello you two! I just moved to NW Indiana from Chicago and this is my first 5090. long time FAWMer first time 5090er. excited to get going!

Yay! Another Indiana person!

I'm south central. I think @squeakmouse73 is near Fort Wayne, and now @stockphoto up near Chicago.

Very exciting!!

About 2 1/2 years before I came to the FAWM community, I lived in Indianapolis for 14 years, and at some point in my years there, sang in a band, and scored a local indie movie. But I was a NY transplant who went to Butler U...

I am from Noblesville but live in Ohio now. Miss it a lot!