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I made this challenge in FAWM this year.

The challenge is to improvise three distinct songs within a ten minute time span.

For this challenge, they don't count as songs unless they're at least two minutes long. The goal is to go as close to three minutes as possible.

@AndyGetch won this during FAWM with a guitar.

@roy (not on 50/90) won this during FAWM with a piano.

I'll probably be doing these as "crapcapella". During FAWM, this was my challenge and I lost, so I'm definitely trying again.

The thing is, even losing this challenge gave me two songs and only took 10 minutes to do.

Probably will do this again, improvising on lunch hour or at upcoming Greenmarket gigs hosted by @Chip Withrow

Great idea.

This is an awesome challenge!

There are times I could keep going for 10 minutes. But times 3 songs would be a challenge.

Are we talking instrumentals (simple) or lyrics too (disaster territory)?

Not just awesome, but difficult, tough, and to some even impossible.
Good thing we have three months to accomplish this.


@Tim Fatchen, Lyrics, too. Disaster is very possible, but sometimes beautiful disaster.

I can improvise musically and vocally, but improvising words is harder for me. So I should try a few of these, see how much I can improve.

This might be a step too far for me but I'm willing to court disaster...

Sounds like a great idea. I'm terrible at writing lyrics so maybe just going with the flow and not thinking about much about it would at least give some ideas for more thought out songs. I have to keep this in mind when 50/90 begins.

I'm really excited about this idea and can't get it off my mind. Almost want to set a timer and do some practice rounds to get a feel for how much can be developed in three minutes. Might try a few throughout the months! Biggrin

I'm definitely in on this one. I can't wait to try; maybe even tomorrow morning. It would be nice to have 3 songs under my belt in 10 minutes! How do we tag 'em??

#3in10 maybe, what do you think @yam655 ? I also wondered about the same thing

This sounds VERY HARD to me! I shall improve three complete songs in just ten minutes??? Does this mean that i have to accompany myself simultaneously with an instrument, or is there extra time for that? If I'm very fast I could do one two-minute-song with one overdub, leaving time for two three-minute-songs without overdub. Did I get you right?

#3in10 works. During FAWM, I was using #3in10min, but even then, some folks forgot the last bit and just used #3in10.

@reklov The 10 minute limit is specifically for the first pass, so typically a capella or a single instrument for accompaniment.

It's also the sort of thing I'd fully expect folks to do in the language they can work most quickly with. (It's a time challenge, not a language challenge.)

It's more of a "feast" challenge than something like an hour-long skirmish. I wouldn't expect any over-dubs until after 50/90 and folks are picking the songs they want to develop further.

Ok, I failed! I was so excited about this idea that I couldn't hold myself back - but I found out that improvising lyrics is not my cup of tea! After one and a half songs I gave up. If you wanna listen to my attempt, her it is:

I might give this a shot.

Whew, this is such a great challenge idea but sounds hard as hell! I'll give it a try today, let's put that here so I don't chicken out on myself

My my, I just found out about this challenge and I lllloovvve it! Biggrin I'm terribly afraid though, because I can't write lyrics, unless being inspired, and that happens rarely. So I hope I will be forgiven that before the 10 minutes go down, at least I copy 3 random titles from the titular tool and 10 random words for each song from the LyriCloud tool. You know what, I will write them down here immediately, so you can check later whether I was able to realize it or not.

The first song: Walking to you. The 10 random words: blessing, divine, explode, kissed, light, teardrops, waiting, watched, young,
The second song: In your perceptions. The 10 random words: universal, touch, division, side, happy, meet, moment, stories, toy, thought
The third song: Your mad dreamer. The 10 random words: born, gifts, assistant, beautiful, find, sunday, praise, basement, mellow, remember

Now on with it! Help!!!

Well, help indeed... Beee I finished the challenge, but I'm not really proud of it. You can find the three song-compilation here and I leave the judgement to you...

§ Roel

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Absolutely love this idea.. I will see if I can do it tonight when I'll have a keyboard to play with.. I personally would tend to play live midi keys with vocal although could also play over a loop.. ooh theres an app that will harmonise whatever you produce.. so that might be an interesting way to try it out.. but probably will just do the most obvious.. improvise the songs from start to finish trying to set up verse chorus (hook) bridge etc as I go. Mm.. excited!!!

I can improvise words and melodies quite quickly, but my first question would be... Why? Prove to someone (yourself?) that you can do it? I know I can. But none of the songs would become one I can use as-is.

I did, however, write a full album in 10 hours (10 x 1 over the course of two weeks so as not to repeat myself), and I absolutely love the whole thing. Once I find the courage I'll release it.

I only ended up doing one out of three with 'lyrics', so don't know if I would count it as success or fail, but it was a fun experiment for sure! For me it was the most interesting part to try and create 3 distinctly different things in a short amount of time.

Do you have to record all three songs under 10 min as well?

I did it. I rolled Storycubes and assigned random chords to each right before recording. Each song is pretty crappy, but that's the hilarity of improv. I managed to squeak through in ten minutes (or pretty darn close). Each song is in the 2 minute range. Not my finest work....My songs are now posted.

Ha, ha -- I guess I should read the instructions more carefully before I embark on a challenge. Didn't follow the guidelines:

I failed on my first try oh well. Is there a limit to the amount of attempts for this challenge?