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Rough summer, I'm tired this weekend. I might get another song posted tonight, but I've dropped off. I'll be lucky to get to 20 this year. I'm 53 years old, and I'm tired.

I have 3 more ideas in the works, but who knows how long it will take to turn them into actual things. We'll see.

I feel ya. It's been one of those summers. I'm on pace and will likely make 50, but that's because for the first summer in over 20 years I don't have kids mucking up my time. If it were a normal summer I'd be lucky to hit 20 myself with everything going on.

Still I can't complain too loudly. (The missus is in the other room, so...)

Yeah I'm tired but not sure how many 50/90s I've got left in me so I'm going to plough on!

Just wanted to say you've always been a great inspiration to me, @standup, in each of your songs. So those 20 mean a lot!

This has been my worst showing ever. No excuse, other than all of the live music I have been preparing for. Oh and my day job. Still, I have had a great 50/90 Lite!

Hey, it's a down year for me as well -- some years are just like that!

Keep at it, folks - but I agree, this summer has been brutal. I got clobbered by a kidney infection three weeks ago and I'm still recovering. I suspect the only reason I've done as well as I have this year is that I'm still looking for a job...

Hey @standup, you young punk, you can't get tired yet. Now me, I'm about as many days short of my Official Use-By Date (holy writ) as you are years, so I'm _entitled_ Biggrin (tho' that's not actually why I have to stop for the next 4-5 weeks....)!

You think your tired? I'm so tired the doctor just wrote "Goodyear" on my forehead and handed me over to a mechanic. I'm so tired I came in last in a lazy competition. I'm so tired my family thought I was just a pile of laundry someone forgot on the couch and were shocked as hell when I asked them to change the channel for me because I was too tired to work the remote. "Where'd he come from?!" Biggrin

Worst summer ever. Got a stupid ear infection that the doctors can't seem to fix. Tinnitus in both ears now. Sheesh. :/

Also, thank you for this thread, @standup I've been itching to complain a little. Smile

It's been one of those years and I'm tired too. On most days I'm simply laying in my bed watching dumb youtube videos... then comes the itch to write

I've been wanting to add to this thread since I first saw it last week. Like @standup, who started this coversation, I'm 53. As I've gotten to know more and more 5090ers and FAWMers over the years, I'm always pleased and encouraged to see folks my age and older doing this.
Man, I was cranking merrily along this 5090, at a pace ahead of any year. I was even considering going for 90 songs. (By the way, congratulations to @coolparadiso and @metalfoot for also getting that trophy.)
Recently I've crashed, though - combination of job, housework, parenting, the usual ... leading to being way too tired in the evening to write, play, listen, comment. You've all been there, in some form or another. And you've also probably had the experience, as I did this morning, of letting yourself sleep in a little and still waking up tired.
But ... walking the dog on Sunday inspired a song, as it often does. And I have two sweet riffs/chord progressions - one uke, one guitar - that could amount to something. And a magazine article I read this morning as my daughter got a cavity filled led to another song. And, oh yeah, I told someone I might put music to his lyrics.
So I'm still tired (although today is a sort-of day off, with no commitments til late afternoon), but I should at least be able to top my previous 5090 best of 67 songs.
I will rock on - as much as this 53-year-old can!

@Chip Withrow I'm not at the 90 mark yet by any means and might not get there this time around!

Just got the second ureter stent out two days ago from a second kidney stone procedure in the last month. Had a raging kidney infection for weeks that I had to restart antibiotics for because it was resistant to the first and was flourishing so well it was spreading, first to my ear, but who knows where else it would have gone. It was causing severe intestinal problems, and the phenergan I was taking for that made me just sleep. Along with the pain pills, I’ve had no energy or focus.
So I commiserate with everyone. I’m 52 myself, so 50+ must be the mode for age distribution even if it isn’t the mean. Or maybe just for this thread....

i turned 68 in july so i am writing and recording as many songs as i can while i am still able to do so, im lucky that 50 90 takes place in winter here so the heat doesnt get me down as it does to many of those living in the northern hemisphere.

I understand being tired for sure. This summer, I've dug in deep and been terrorizing myself with music. I was determined to get Wilmas & Bettys done, get the music video done, and for it to be the very best song I've ever done.

Are you still feeling tired? I feel like it's hard not to feel tired when you're a creative type. We expend so much time and energy into creating the best of anything we can. Mental exhaustion turns into physical exhaustion and then you just need a nap.

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I dig where you're coming from, @standup. While I'm having the best 50/90 since I joined 9 years ago, I'm a bit worn down. I think I'm going to make it to 50, but I'm gonna be so wiped out when it's over. Take your time, man. If the body and mind tell you it's time to relax, then do so. To all who've listed particular ailments and life events that are affecting output, my prayers go out to you and I've got my mental pom-poms and I'm seriously cheering you on. I love this community very much.

As CTS says, I love this community. Thanks so much for helping me break through my songwriting block this year, finally.

I've been sick a lot lately and dealing with vertigo that makes computer time impossible, so sorry to the fine musicians I was hoping to collab with this fall-- let's catch up in February. I'm still stressed out AF from major financial issues, but I plan to listen and comment in Rocktober.

Thank you for starting this thread, @standup, and to others who've contributed to it.

I managed to write 0 lyrics (but hope to make up for it in FAWM). This has been a strange year all around. It began at the end of January, just after I'd returned from a wonderful visit to Portugal. I ended up being quite ill with pneumonia in February-March, and it seems to have taken until August for me to fully recharge my battery, so to speak. In the meantime, I was hit with an unusual amount of work, including two books and several long articles (though no complaints, as I'm a freelance editor), plus was busy making a backlog of pieces for my little sideline handcrafted jewellery business.

I've revised several lyrics over the past few months, but simply didn't have the emotional energy to create new ones. Up until just a few short weeks ago, by mid-afternoon, I was simply drained. But now I've begun tai chi classes again, and that seems to be helping enormously.

Sorry to hear about the illnesses some of you have had. Not pleasant at all. I hope you're all on the mend. Smile