I'm literally begging at this point.

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It was 2011, I think? I came to the FAWM or 50/90 forum (I forget) and pretty much begged this community to help me with a song called "Way She Wobble" and I was blessed by meeting Eric August. Many of you know him and he's a valued and respected member of our little songwriting community.

We made Way She Wobble and then he got very busy working, we drifted apart and not because we don't get along because we get along fantastically...but he is now a professional model for "The Rock Agency" and I couldn't be more proud of him.

However, this means he is way too busy to make music or anything else...so here it is 2016, I'm back once again asking.

Is there ANYONE out there that can do dance-pop? Anyone to compose instrumentals? Anyone willing to help me? I know its asking a lot...but I'm nearly to the point of being too old to chase making a pop album, and I'm out of ideas.

Thanks guys <3

What are you looking for? Professional beats you can sing a lead line over? A finished demo of your lyrics [sung by someone else?]. Do you know the melody you want? Do you have any way to record it?

If you want imperfect, flawed demos, there are several of us who can help you with that Smile Listen to the demos people have already made. Find people who are making stuff you like. Write them specifically, after listening to their stuff, so they know what you like, the general groove, etc. The people here are friendly and helpful, but they're also busy making their own music.

[EDIT: I looked at the tag cloud. Only 3 songs with "dance pop" tag - all 3 were yours. Looked at songs with a "dance" tag. Only 3. So your best bet is to search the tag cloud for "pop" which has 74 songs right now. Check out the ones who have demos that are at all close to what you like.]

I would go through the song list until I found a fawmer who had music I liked, then just message them.