I'm grateful for 5090 because:

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Why are YOU grateful for 5090?
Sincere, sarcastic, silly, serious, and/or serendipitous answers are all appreciated

I'm grateful for the welcoming supportive community that inspires me and gives me confidence to try different things - from spontaneous acapella ditties to digging out instruments to try that I haven't played in years.

I am BEYOND grateful for the collabs and how supportive everyone is. I thought I would feel out of place and was so sure that I would do this and it would prove I an terrible at this. But I have really gained a little more confidence. So THANKS to everyone that's said something nice about my songs.

I'm also grateful that it helps reduce my chance of skin cancer as it keeps me inside on beautiful sunny days.

I'm grateful for 50/90 because it gives me companionship - the rest of the year, aside from FAWM, I'm pretty isolated without community. Here, I have company for a few months and can feel successful and among peers.

I'm grateful for the virtual connections that have formed with people passionate about music across the globe! What an amazing opportunity!

I'm grateful for the first 3 or 4 days when there is a burst of activity and it feels a little like FAWM!

I'm grateful for the people I've come to know and the music we all get to make.

I'm grateful for that sweet, sweet endorphin release when I pull the f5 lever and there's that little blue 1... *shakes*

I'm also grateful for the sense of community. I didn't make very much music between the end of FAWM and the start of 50/90, but add a community, and suddenly I have 9 tracks in 8 days! Definitely gets me off my arse and making music. Smile

I echo the sentiments I am reading and they warm my heart and I am very grateful for that tonight. Music is a magic connector and I love that so much.

This time, I felt like I wasn't as involved at the beginning. I posted a couple of lyrics only and made a few comments on lyrics only - all I could do because I was out of town and busy with family obligations. (My wife called it a vacation, but it wasn't so relaxing.) I didn't get a chance to make any demos and listen to others' music until July 8. I'm still playing catch-up with the comments, although I think I've reciprocated a least one comment for every person who has given me one.
So what I'm grateful for is that the length and laid-back pace allows me to miss a few days here and there and then jump right back in.
Like a lot of (maybe most) folks here, I was a FAWMer first - began '08, then did my first 50/90 in '09. I'm grateful that FAWM led me here, and now I'm just as much a fan of 50/90 as I am of FAWM (and you can ask my family - I'm pretty passionate about both!).

The beauty of our two communities is that we pretty much follow one of the oldest and wisest saying - If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it.
Seems like a pretty simple concept, but when you look around these days, it's pretty easy to see another saying that holds lots of truth - hate breeds hate.
So for me, I agree with one of the other statements above, that I'm grateful that this place gives me a "sanctuary" to escape the world we live in.

I get to hang out with so many talented people, be in awe of what they do, and be encouraged while I try to get better at songwriting myself!

50/90, much like fawm, is awesome bcoz it gives me an excuse to be productive, come up with new material, and even collab with people i havent worked with before.

it offers me drive and encouragement, and to feel all the comments and community like above

I'm grateful for all of you, honestly. I feel like a supportive music community of individuals who make music is about the best idea I've ever heard of. I had no idea about any of this until this year when I joined FAWM 2018. Since then I've met a FAWM member who lived an hour from me, I've made friends with a few that came from this community and I've gotten invaluable feedback on my music.

I'm most thankful for 50/90, FAWM, and this whole community because I'm most thankful for all of you <3