I'll be running some!

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Will try to do my usual Sunday 3PM EST afternoon skirmishes

I will be doing some of those!

Cool, I look forward to doing at least a few. Sundays at 3 is often a good time.

I'll try to host some, too. The 8pm London time during a week day work well for me Smile

Good to know, Corinne. Smile Though I don't expect to be doing much - if anything - this time around (too many other commitments this summer), I DO plan to check out skirmish opportunities. One or a few of them might re-boot my Muse. Wink

I've never done a skirmish before. I might try some this year!

I've never done many skirmishes but may do a couple this year if I can remember when they come on.

That's a good time for me. I absolutely love skirmishes!

@katpiercemusic you will love skirmishes! It forces you to completely turn off your inner editor and let your song flow out! Sometimes the resulting songs are sketchy but sometimes they are really good! Well worth the time and effort! Try it tomorrow at 3:00pm eastern!

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I'd really like to do skirmishes.. I will try!!