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I know that somewhere deep in the back pages of the forum, there is a thread encouraging donations to show your appreciation of this site (and to get your cool rock hand next to your name). Instead of digging back to find it and bump it, I figured I'd start a new one as 50/90 2018 winds to a close.

Here are 3 reasons that have just occurred to me lately as to why you should donate:

First, last week the file hosting was down. I informed the moderators, and within under an hour Eric got back to me personally (and according to Facebook, I believe it was his birthday that day, too). He emailed again just an hour or so later to tell me he had fixed it, but the fix might take a while. Within hours, the file hosting was up and running again.
By comparison, I'm taking an online course. I had a question, and received an automated reply. My question was answered by a person the next day, and I thought that was good response time. But Eric was faster!

Second, often I go into the cafe next to our yoga studio for a cup of gourmet coffee and a made-from-scratch organic muffin. A little more than 8 bucks total, and I leave a tip to round up to 10 - the equivalent of donating to get your rock hand here.
Now, I could bring coffee from home (gourmet as well) or I could make a cup of tea at the studio. And I could pack a breakfast - in fact, many days I do. I imagine many of us - even those on a super-tight budget - have something in the course of a week that we pay 10 bucks for that we could skip a time or two.

Third, there's an ongoing forum thread here about the value of a song. What about the value of a site that gives so much enjoyment? Certainly 10 bucks' worth - especially for those of us who have been here since July 4. (And in a similar way you could also consider the value of the moderators' time.)

I love my rock hand. If you haven't gotten yours already through donating, you should go do it. Rock on!

Oh yeah...I always donate...but I forgot this year. Anecdotally, it seems that fewer of the folks whose songs I comment on have rock hands this year. Thanks for the reminder.

Word. Bump!

Additional reason: Eric had to do extra work this year after the site got seriously hacked. And he did. And he added the Rocktober section too!

If you're still around, you've probably benefited from the 50/90 site this summer. Consider donating and you'll get the little "rock hands" symbol next to your name...