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Most of the month of August, my brother, who I haven't seen in over 20 years, was visiting, and I was away from the computer most of the time. He's gone back home now....sad, but he'll be back Smile Anyway, the last day of his visit, my son broke the screen on the laptop (that already had no keyboard, a bad touch-pad, and gave me a Blue Screen of Death every 15 minutes) I use for writing. Luckily I have a 2nd laptop, older, more cantankerous, but it works. I tell you all this just to say I'm still working on the collabs I've promised, it's just gonna take me a little bit longer and I'll have them up. Thanks for the patience Smile

Welcome back! We had similar situations - I went to Ohio for the first time in 4 years to see family. They usually come to us in Florida in the winter! Was gone for 9 days - did manage to do some commenting and write lyrics and titles for a few songs.
Then last week I sat down at this computer and the monitor flashed on and then died. This computer, which holds about half of my song files since 2008 and my recording software, is ancient. My wife asked, "Do they even make stand-alone monitors like that anymore?" Yes, and this new one is pretty vibrant.
As for collabs - I've sort-of promised a few, and once I get to 50 solo demos (37 posted, 3 more almost ready) I'll tackle some collabs.

I'm having trouble this year, as I did during FAWM, because my job is to drive for thirteen hours during the night, so I can't record or write for about 21 hours a day five days a week, and then there are normal things to do like getting food prepared, spending time with my other half, plus travelling to and from work, where I collect the works car.

Of course driving means that I can't comment safely whilst at work, and I only have broadband on a mobile phone network, which is restrictive - unlimited on the phone, but a 2gb limit on tethered devices (using your phone as a network for laptops, etc), which is why a lot of my demos are on Soundcloud, as the 50:90 file hosting won't support GarageBand files, which is how I can put up files using my phone's broadband.

I might record at home, but then I transfer them from my computer to the iPhone 4, which I then open in a GarageBand screen, and then post up onto Soundcloud as a GB file.

A long winded and tedious way to do things! Beee

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Suggestion for you @marvsmooth. I'm guessing you're a truck driver from what's above. Of course, this suggestion is pending you can get your hands on a device that I'm going to recommend. I have a sony IC Recorder that is about the size of two tic tac containers put end to end, so fairly small. I do not recall how much it cost because I got it a few years ago, but I kept checking online for the best price. Its a handy little device and often what I use to upload my recordings to soundcloud from. However, it has other handy uses too. I do a lot of my thinking while I'm driving or riding, mostly riding, but driving too. I lose a lot of songs in my head while in the auto because I can't get them down on paper. My riding/driving time is inconsistent, so I forget to grab my recorder when leaving, but since you have lengthy periods when you know ahead of time that you're going to be driving, you could record your ideas on it--Topics, hooks, choruses, etc.. Not something I would recommend to just anyone for safety reasons, but I suspect the recorder would not be much different "safety-wise" than the cb radios truck drivers use. Anyway, that would be your call, you knowing your abilities, but there are always truck stops, right? I just checked the current price just now. It was $92. I didn't pay that for mine. Mine was less, pretty sure. Even so there are variations online that I saw were between $50-60. Just an option for you to consider.Mine has a USB port and a place for a microchip.

@kc5 - thank you. Surprisingly I am a mobile security officer, who drives around checking different sites, alarm response, locking and unlocking businesses. There are usually around a hundred patrols per shift, and I try, unsuccessfully at times, to be safe, but I've been looking at an idea similar to this!

Thank you Smile

I have a list but am wondering if I forgot any now? I'm still catching up on my collab backlog too and apologies to anyone wondering whats up, just msg me (coundboard, contact button/e-mail, carrier pigeon, etc.). The next couple of weekends look promising for binge-writing.