Idiot Wind


it has been a fantastic month listening to everyones covers. Not a weak track in the bunch. Ive enjoyed them all. Thanks to everyone who has listened and/or commented on soe of mine. Here is my last one for this Rocktober. what a nice way to detox from 50 90.



mike skliar's picture

One of my favorite Bob Dylan songs (and there are many great versions of it he did, from that at-first-unreleased acoustic take to the electric take on blood on the tracks, the howling rock and roll version on hard rain, etc).

You do a nice version of it- very atmospheric- i like the way you start with (i think?) the second verse, (and do some of the other ones out of order) its like coming in on this intense conversation in the middle or something...

billwhite51's picture

thanls mike, i start with the second verse because the first one is too speciic to the writer of the song and i couldnt find anything in it that i could personalize. i have loved every version of this i have heard, even the sometimes difficult 1992 versions the rollling thnder versions were the best, though. didnt seem like a love song at all, more like a modern day Job cussing out God.. somehow the way i wound up doing it here knocks it back down to a human to human level.. looking forward to hearing your february songs,

rwc's picture

One of my favourite Dylan songs, too (I only really know the "Blood on the Tracks" version). This is a nice version – slower and with a tone that seems pensive, maybe resigned. I like the shimmery high guitar.

Wolf Kier's picture

I don't know the original track, but it's quite an oddesy... compelling gentle contemplative listening. Are those dogs barking??? Love that. you've had a great big productive rocktober, good job. Thanks for your kind words always. Have a great winter, see you for FabFeb!