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I had this idea back when @RC was still with us, so it has been kicking around in my head for a while now.

Combine the song skirmish with the exquisite corpse. Basically make exquisite corpse a timed challenge that starts from a given title.

Like a song skirmish, the title is announced at a given date and time. Participants then have a set amount of time to write and record their song for that title.

Like exquisite corpse, there is a queue of participants. After the first person finishes, they then send the last 10 seconds or so of the song to the next person in line, who the writes a continuation based upon that 10 seconds and the given title. It then carries to the next and next person in similar fashion.

I would propose a two hour limit on composing and recording your 1-2 minute piece, after which time you pass on what you have done. That may not always be workable, so perhaps plan on a one hour limit with the second hour for mixing, uploading, and whatever recording spill-over is required. One can't be overly ambitious during a timed challenge, and this one you risk running into the next person's time.

I am thinking 5 participants will be plenty. That is a 10 hour time span for all do complete their pieces, plus another 2 hours or less (probably less) for the stitcher to do their work. It's like an endurance race, of sorts. It could be done in less, if people are ready to go.

From a planning standpoint, it might be easier for people if they have a scheduled two hour block of time to create their piece. e.g. 12:00 pm first person, 2:00 pm second person, 4:00 pm third person, 6:00 pm fourth person, 8:00 pm fifth person, 10:00 pm stitcher stitches and posts. This doesn't account for time zones or actual start times, but hopefully demonstrates what I am thinking.

We could organize into multiple teams of five (or whatever numbers make sense) if enough people are interested in participating.

I'm figuring I will run this on a weekend. I am currently eyeing July 15, but that could easily change.

There have to be at least four other people crazy enough to try this with me, eh?

Muahahahaha! Depending on the date.... *cackle*

what @tcelliott said

*scratches head* I think that I like this idea?

The same title for everyone to use?

I would be interested (also time depending) if you start at reasonable time and move east to west it could be doable.

I am free July 15th. But that's in two days. And before 5 PM CST. But most Saturdays would work for me until we get into the meat of August.