I'd love to find a co-writer as I'm just a Lyricist

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My name's crystal an I'm new to this site as well as song writing, all my life I've been a big fan of music, although so far it seems I'm best with country lyrics I'd love to work on some songs no matter the genre.
I look forward to hearing from some of you
Thanks for your time and god bless you all....

I'm happy to co-write lyrics with you or try to put country lyrics to a basic rough demo

One is never 'just' a lyricist.

What Stephen said! You are what you make yourself Smile Good luck and welcome to the community!

My advice (unwanted or not) is to post a lyric and tag it "needs collab" and/or "needs music". Then go read other lyric posts and listen to other songs and comment on them. The more you interact with the community the more likely you'll find someone to collaborate with.

I strongly agree with @[tcelliott]. If I am looking for lyrics with the idea of a collaboration then I search for 'needs music' or needs 'collab tags'. The interaction advice is also excellent. If you comment on songs and in your case particularly on collabs then you are much more likely to get a music writer having a look at your lyrics. By the way I think it's great that you are starting out writing and that you enjoy it so much. My final bit of advice would be to keep on writing and writing - one day you will have many collabs using your words. Good luck!

Thank you all,
I can't say how amazingly blessed I've been on this new journey.
I'm a single mom of 3,
I have a foster brother I care for as well while my mother works.
With it being summer I haven't been able to do as much as I wish but I do believe I've come a long ways in the 2 an half months I've been doing this.
I have been looking, viewing, reading and listening as much as I can an I will continue to do so,
It's an honor to be apart of this page.
Thanks sooooo much for all your advice, kind words and help.
God bless you all and I look forward to meeting, chatting and working with as many of you as I can.

@CrystalGLyrics I will be keeping an eye on your lyrics and you will most likely get a collaboration request from me at some point this summer! Smile

@CrystalGLyrics I rock EDM / pop hybrid tunes, swing by my page and take a listen! Hit me up if you'd like to collab bc I'm always down to collab.

So far I've only found myself writing lyrics lol
Id like the chance to learn as much as possible and to collaborate with any an everyone I can.
I hope to hear more from you.