Iambic Pentameter

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I have posted this challenge before on FAWM/5090 but never got round to doing a song. However for my first song this year I did and it felt a such nice restriction to write to, I thought I'd post it as a challenge. I found it more liberating than restrictive and once you get into the swing of it, it seems (to me) easy and fun. I might do more this summer it was that enjoyable.

it's EASy WHEN you GET inTO the SWING
i WONder WHAT this CHALLenge HERE might BRING
i HOPE you ALL can GET inTO the FLOW
please POST your EFForts IN the THREAD beLOW

#iambic pentameter

Here's mine: Petrichor http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/30514

Thank you so much for the idea, Wobbie!

I've been doing this in my own way quite some time now. And it's propably the easiest way to write lyrics with good meter and matching verses. Those are the lyrics that are very easy to put into music.

Well / this is / such a / wonder- / ful i-/dea
I / like what / you have / done here / Wobbie / dear
my / verses / are now / matching / really / good
and / sylla- / bles are / singing / like they / should

I don't know why lyricist don't write like this more often. It's not difficult at all. In fact it is fun. You don't even have to have any musical skills. You just have to know how English is spoken, where the stresses fall naturally.

I'll post the song later. Now I'm doing mostly collabs.

-- Gonna keep this one in mind, -- good one.

I did a collaboration for my board game challenge with iambic pentameter in the lyrics.


Oh No! I'm stuck again with counting Fives!
It's @wobbie wobbit who should take the blame
For waving aural wormage as a game...
And this black cat has used five of his lives!

But still...I'll think and try to do it well,
And strive to make a heaven from this hell.

I saw Akala give this talk on hip-hop and Shakespeare at TEDx in Aldeburgh - it's worth watching (and I've just spotted myself in the audience, Canon camera strap round my neck, at 2:02...)


ah thanks @headfirstonly will check it out. I have just done another iambic pentameter thing. unusual style for me, electronic thing.... Technology In Dreams

Finally got it done. Every line is in iambic pentameter except the short chorus. I might even try it again.

My Space Age X-Ray Eyes

As this is my first attempt and I just wanted to try it out, I ended up writing ABOUT iambic pentameter as well as in it.