I Want You (She's So Heavy)


I knew beforehand I couldn't do justice to the original (my favorite Beatles song), but at least i made it loud. The tempo and timing changes turned out to be a nightmare in the project. This song is just better played by humans, not programmed.
I sang the beginning standing on a parking deck on the 9th floor, outside our studio, and you can hear the street cars go by.




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That's a truly face-melting opening. Off-the-scale distortion, just as it should be. I reckon you did the original more than justice, you did it proud. Really digging this version.

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i love it when vocals are accompanied by single line instrumental riffs and you have a lot of good ones here. You have done a fine job of updating the Beatles by incorporating post Beatles styles into the arrangements. All thats missing is a speed metal passage. The climax plays ike an homage to A Day in the Life without the resolution

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Well done. As I listened, it pop in my head, it's the "Black Sabath" version! Smile

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That’s a great cover and it’s certainly loud! Great guitars throughout - I really like the “she’s so heavy parts”. The switches between a relatively narrow mix and really wide stereo are really effective. That’s a wonderful version of the coda.

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Wow, a truly wonderful version of this absolute classic.
I'm enjoying the heaviness.
Lovely fuzz guitars.
I like your tortured vocals.
Nice guitar work, as well.
The ending is bonkers, but in the best way possible.
Such a great cover, really well done!

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This goes hard dude. Really brings the word "heavy" full steam ahead. Great cover.

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Oh yeah! This is simply awesome. Must have been a total bear to record. Smile

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Wow! When that gets heavy, it gets *really* heavy. Love the changes in dynamics and the incorporation of textures from heavy rock styles that came much later than The Beatles. Great intensity on the outro before the chopped ending.

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This song is impossible to cover, but possible to interpret. Your interpretation struck all the right emotional chords.

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Awesome opening! You totally did the song justice! Love it!

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Amazing! you really brought it here, in every respect. Love the way that skeletal verse vocal is nakedly out there and those great dynamic shifts to the big 'riffage' of the tune is very satisfying...

great end jam in there!

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ROCK. The Beatles were proto-metal with this song and you've brought the metal feel out into it. The song gets lost in noise and distortion just like it's supposed to at the end. Awesome job. Love it.

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I want you! (to cover the Beatles) [Uncle Sam points a finger at you]

(I remember when I first heard this song, I couldn't believe it was the Fab Four. Part of it was how special it was, and part of it teenage hubris - I thought I knew everything. Long story short, it's still a favourite. And it definitely should be covered in a band setting. An awesome song to lose your mind to on stage...)

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Makeloudnotwar! Wow, that's a spaced out ending. Great interpretation of the song. I like how the voices changes between vulnerable and heavy. And I really like the bass and guitars Biggrin

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Heavy intro squeezes into super sweet. Great great job. The accolades above are well deserved. Enjoyed much. Much emotion and musical interest throughout. Thanks for your always kind words.

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Oh my Lord, that’s superb! Suitably heavy and distorted, and the “I Want You” sections have a very Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac to them (your voice sounds very like PG in those bits as well in my opinion).

This is one of the best cover versions of this song that I’ve ever heard. Phenomenal!