I mentioned FAWM and 50/90 in my latest interview

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Hi all,

I was interviewed for the Stereo Stickman website, and I mentioned FAWM/5090.
It's a long read, so if you want to skip ahead to where I mentioned the challenges, it's in my answer to the fourth question.

Hope you're all having a great time!

EDIT to add the link (D'oh!) - https://stereostickman.com/interviews/pete-murphy-dreams-struggles-independent-music-creative-freedom/


Well worth the reading! You've come a LONG way Pete! Kudos!

Hey Pete, - I think it's great to read stuff like this that comes up.

Great album graphic.

The other day I saw a TV spot of one of the folks I follow here, -- very cool to see, "channel 8" and is like nearly 15 mins local news-infotainment.

I've got a life summary article of another person here I'd share but not sure anyone has the time to review all this stuff, -- so don't post/repost.

And, applause Clapping to you! Music 2

That was a really good read for me, Pete. As one of your biggest fans, it was nice to see you branching out while remaining in the world where you feel most comfortable. I've always shared the angst of the utter "nakedness" of public performances, but seeing and hearing how much you can accomplish in your own world has always been very inspirational for me. I will NEVER, EVER perform even a sentence in public, but I truly feel my friendship with you has helped bring me to the point where this year I'm actually putting up more of my lyrics with my own vocals attached to them. As much as I love your music(and you know I do), your ability to succeed in spite of the human frailties that we all have in some form or other, that is where I draw the most inspiration from your musical journey and life.
Always wishing you peace and happiness,

Very interesting interview, Pete, interesting to see how fast, and sometimes, how slowly, change can happen.

Loved the interview. Now I need to check out some of the other artists you mentioned, and some of your projects!

Thanks everyone!

I give FAWM and 50/90 so much credit for helping me learn to write, and write quickly.
When I did my first FAWM in 2012, I never would have thought that I'd actually be releasing my music for public listening.

@Tim Fatchen - you were a massive help when I first started. I was so shy about my voice, my playing, my recordings. Thank you so much.

Good read. Thanks for sharing, Pete!

You just needed to make that first record for your Lady, @PeteMurphy! Wink