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I simply love FAWM and 50/90. That's all. You folks make me feel happy... inspire me to greater songwriting heights/depths... it's great being here. Pardon me if I gush a little. Drinks

back at you. I feel like I'm home.

i feel the same way. but, man! it is as dead as september in here already. i have been tied up trying to get insurance through the ACA, which has literally taken two hours on the phone every day i was not seriously ill this month (which was 5 days), and then the illness. so i am behind in returning comments, but i'm almost to 50 now. i don't even see the same activity on the forums this year. just wondering if everyone was sensing that same thing. just got in from work, and i'm going to write a lyric and return a few comments. i bike 10 miles a day to work and back 6 days a week, and get 25 miles in on my day off. i don't always have the energy, but i have been in two skirmishes and am up to 8 lyrics right now. might not be able to do this sunday's skirmish, depending on when i have to get into work, but i am trying really hard to return comments now that i'm not drained completely by the flu. maybe everyone is sick this year, like me.

I love 50/90 as much as FAWM. I don't think the action around here is any less than last year. That's how it is and that's ok.
50/90 is more of an internal challenge - I did my songs today because I really wanted to work on my banjo chops and not necessarily because I wanted anyone to hear my picking. Of course, comments would be nice. but it was enough of an accomplishment for my to create a couple of nice banjo/guitar mixes.

I'm finding 50/90 to be more of a "workshop"la environment - FAWM seems to be very INTENSE - a sprint, a month long skirmish of skirmishes...50/90 seems to be much more laid back ... intimate almost....much more sharing and collaboration..at least to me. and there's time to really work on things and learn things....


(Just kidding around! Smile I totally agree with your assessment, brrrse!)

(We may be fewer, but we are here for the long haul!)

Your mention of our progress gave me pause for thought.

It's July 15 (here in Middle Earth, at least). The song count, at the time of this writing, sits at 798.

I had a look at previous years through the Wayback Machine. The timestamps were generally quite unhelpful (with most of the captures happening during the months before and after this challenge), but I can draw a vague concordance with what was available.

On July 15, 2013, we had posted 984 songs.
On July 22. 2012, we had posted 1481
On July 10, 2011, we had posted 739. By July 22, that number had risen to 1692.
On July 23, 2010, we had reached 1710.

So, how does this compare with our state-of-the nation? There's no doubt a formula to take into account the usual rate of progress during 5090, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to do it justice. If I didn't have a figure for July 15 for any given year, I just used a quick and dirty formula based on our data from 2011. This involved two linear rates: one for the first 6 days, and one for the next 12 or 13.

When applied, this gives us an estimated (as of July 15):

2010: 1096 songs posted.
2011: 1136
2012: 993
2013: 984
2016: 798

So, a little more lethargic than some previous years, but hardly imminent death. I have taken @tsunamidaily's comments to heart, though. When I have a little time, I am going to make a concerted effort to read, comment and post.

I sense that, for most people, 50/90 is back of mind while FAWM is top of mind. For those of us who love the FAWM madness...more participants, more songs being posted, more active forum conversations...it can be a bit of a letdown. Prolly just need to set realistic expectations! But I will say, as I have before, I would LOVE it if there was another FAWM in August!! Maybe start one next year!!

backatcha @metalfoot, for me, 5090 is what I make it. I write many more songs here than if I were flying solo. This is why I keep coming back.

So far I like more 50/90 because here I learned to give up with recording quality if I want to get those 50 songs done. Now I focus more on songwriting, rather than spending days in front of DAW on polishing sounds and chasing that golden guitar take. Lesson learned, I'm sure I will now approach to next year FAWM from very different viewpoint and learn to love FAWM as well.

@johnstaples a couple years ago someone did a SAWM (September Album Writing Month) challenge as part of 50/90 which was to do a specific minute count of songs that would be a cohesive collection in an album. It's what made me create a soundcloud account - and my SAWM album is still there "What They Said". It was inspiring. It also forced me to write some longer songs! I'm more of a 1 to 2 minute wonder normally. (Should add: The challenge included the requirement to review a partners full album. The moderator matched us up randomly.)

I totally love you all and once I get my back pain dealt with I will jump in with all the vim and vigor and vitality of someone being kept off the playground while their friends are having fun. Until then...I will lurk now and then and keep up my challenge threads.

I've noticed that it's quieter. S'okay. This year I'm really going to try to get to 50 so I'm focused on that. My previous record is 20.

Also @metalfoot, that's really a kind thing of you to say! I feel the same. A lot of time when I post things to Facebook from soundcloud throughout the year, I get little to no response from my own friends, so it's really important to me to have a supportive group that gives feedback for a few months. I kind of wish there was a year round group like this... with no number count... just for feedback.

Some favourite FiNiers are not present this year and some of them are "heavy hitters" - doing lots of songs, so that would explain the lower song counts. Not all of it though. It feels more slow than last year. But good news: @downburst is back.

50/90 and Fawm both have that uplifting effect on most of the participants. I remember during my first Fawm I started being really nice to everybody at work and home. I mean even more nice! Both are lovely places and it is so rare to find an internet site that doesn't have arguments, flame wars or hate speech.

I like the slower pace. Gives me more time to actually think what I'm doing, rewriting and mixing. I think I have learned a lot. Not so much in Fawm coz it is so intense.

I've seen and heard some FiNiers starting to bloom as persons and songwriters during last two three years.

'S wonderful! 'S marvelous! Smile

@darcistrutt I do recall the SAWM challenge but do not recall it doing much to wake up 50/90. Glad you got an album from it!!! I love 50/90 but I love FAWM a lot more! I guess it is just my personal preference but I find the madness of FAWM exhilarating and inspirational. I find 50/90 to be more like other songwriting sites where interest seems to wane and everything goes quiet for long stretches. Nothing wrong with that of course...but I wish we had something like FAWM midway between FAWMs! Smile

@katpiercemusic I notice the same thing with folks on Facebook! When I post songs there it is usually my FAWM friends who comment while others I know a lot better never bother! Of course, when I post a pic of my dog or cat people go wild!! Smile

Regarding other sites there are definitely some out there that go year round. Some have regular challenges and a fairly consistent group of participants that share songs and comment on shared songs. But I have yet to find any place on the entire net that has a wonderful group like FAWMers & 50/90ers!!!


I like FAWM a lot, but I find I'm just as creative in 5090. Just over a longer period. Maybe this is a nicer summer? Maybe this year people are watching politics, or getting ready for Olympics? @Stephen Wordsmith the formula would be calculus, but I would rather write another song than figure out the equations and solutions.

I agree, @iveg - I had hoped a back-of-the-envelope calculation would be enough to assuage anyone's fears!