I Just Released Another Album

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My first album since FAWM this year. I really wasn't planning on making it at all but I found a sheet of paper with the whole thing planned out from about a year ago and decided to go for it. Its all instrumental though because I dont sing :/. https://open.spotify.com/album/5B3BicdeQxxHvT2H48g0mp

Feedback is appreciated. Even if you hate it Smile

I really need to get a Spotify account.

@katpiercemusic Uploading to bandcamp now Smile

Listening on Bandcamp now (I don't have a Spotify account), wow, this is cool. Listening to "Wither". All you need is a singer and you got it. Just go for it. Most rock stars can't sing and they manage to get by. Good job. the second song is playing now. The intro is a bit long. Once the guitar kicks in it sound cool to my ears. Well done!

Listening to the first track now. I'm really enjoying it. I love the space in it. I feel like it's a real sign of confidence to have silences in your music. I like the guitar solo too. And the singing part... I can sing but I wouldn't be able to do this. It requires a certain kind of voice. I'd have to pretty much burry my voice in effects just to hide how ridiculous it would sound.