I got my baby back, baby back, baby back... !!!!

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What's the longest you've had to be without your favorite instrument?

What do you mean? We're never apart!

We're only apart when I go away on holidays, etc..
Had her since I was 17. I'm now 42.


Just a silly question, as my favorite instrument had just come back to me, after having been held hostage for the last couple weeks at the music store.

Around three months. When I moved to Germany, it was too large to fit on the plane (didn't want to check it into the luggage bay) and shipping it was cheaper anyway.

It was shipped by *boat* and took almost three months to arrive!

This was my prized Seagull guitar. I hope to have this thing for as long as is physically possible.

@Unkept, that would have driven me nuts. 2 weeks was too long for me. Ugh. Bet you didn't want to let her down for a moment for a good bit after you got her back.

I couldn't play guitar for over a year. I had tendonitis (misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel) - It was all very ugly - I had doctors saying I would never play again. They were wrong.

@corinne54, God bless you, my friend. I don't think I could have taken that very well. Were you able to learn another instrument during that time, or did you just write more, or did you have to just enjoy the silence?

I'm a musical bigamist. My "favorite" instrument changes every three months. I sell anything I don't love, so love everything I've got. It's a good system. Wink

So, I'm never really away from my favorite instrument.

I have multiple instruments (and I have had at least two since before I could afford it) just to avoid the no guitar for whatever reason problem. However, I've gone a long while without playing before. I didn't like it.

I favor having guitars promiscuously in every port. Specifically our home plus our getaway place.

Funny with instruments and faves. I guess you could call me an instrument bigamist as well, as I have this lust for trying any and all instruments that one might decide to put in my hands. However, I do have a fave, and it's not even my most played, or the one I write most of my songs on. Still, my i-string uke is the one I'd be saddest about, were I to lose all my instruments.