I Find Myself In Need Of Some Backing Tracks!

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Hello everyone! Life's been hectic for your favourite resident Walrus fanatic. I know 50/90 is almost over, and I'm not even necessarily looking to finish what I want to do in the time frame, but I could really use some backing beats if anyone has any time between now and FAWM.

What I'm looking for mostly is rap/hip-hop/pop beats. I've been listening to a lot of Calvin Harris, Khalid, Chance The Rapper, Quavo, etc. stuff lately if that helps to envision what I'm looking for. Anyways if anyone has anything they could send my way, hit me up here on on my soundboard. Would really appreciate it, I'm having a creative spur lately and I really want to apply myself a little more seriously than I normally do so.

Hope everyone is having a lovely 50/90 <3

I sent something to your soundboard

This is very much in my wheelhouse. Do you just want drum loops or a proper arrangement?

@French Cricket Whatever you can send my way would be 100% more than I could make on my own Smile Anything is appreciated.